Monday, February 15, 2010


Well, in my usual fair my blogs are always polarized with one or the other. I wasn't born in shades of Grey unfortunately. Black or white is where Code Red lives.....

Doing pretty good lately. Settling down a bit from a few year of overwhelming stress and disappointment. Getting used to the daily shop stuff on my own. Missing Hodge real bad but, he's doing good for his family and himself and that is real good. Hopefully, we can stay here for a long time. I'm tired of moving.

The title....Well, call it the romantic in me, or the scenic whichever you like.. Just been pondering on the world lately and how awful it is. Must be the 3 kids I got and watching them grow. Its the stuff of substance in life and I feel blessed to have them. Constantly reminded of the little things and how much people just don't get it..... Kids love so much. They are born with it. Little bits of a higher power they are. They have little spirits that love to laugh and want to make everything ok for everyone. They don't understand the hate in this world and don't want any part of the bad things in life. The tragic part is they learn hate and intolerace so fast. They learn how to be ugly from us. The people that are here already before them. From the television to their daily interactions at school. They learn hate, prejudice, betrayal, and letdown so fast. Truth is they have much more to teach us than we do them...... Any-who, not on a downer note. Just a dose of reality each day! Awesome! I wish we could all see the world through their eyes each day. Life would be so simple..

June 19th, Addictive Cycles first century out of Hoschton/Braselton... Be there. Its gonna be awesome!! 5 mile fam route, 35 route, 65 route, 100 route.

CR out!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Another year

Yea, I figured it had been about a year since I typed in this thing so here are some words. Yea, we moved again. We like doing that to keep you on yer feet! Actually, it is a loong story best told in person in the new shop so come by and drink our beer so we don't.. New shop is awesome!!! Lots a room with a roll up door in da back. Sweet!! Hodge is off working some lame ass job for the off season to support his kids or something. Like that is more important than bikes... Ha! Well...hope he comes back.

All is well and I'm still in the living (yes me, Code Red in full effect!)..

Pop is riding his Harley and drinking his whiskey. Fam is awesome! Life is good.

CR out!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

And So it goes

I'm sure by now everyone has stopped checking this site. Good then, it worked! Now I can say whatever the hell I want to without hearing any bullshit for it. Ha!

Protein shakes, beer, eratic training habits....That pretty much sums me up right now. Cutting weight for the season, trying to get fit and stay there. Shit, its enough to drive you crazy. Short trip for me I guess.

Got another kid coming out in May. Like I don't have enough on my plate. It will be fun. Its a boy this time. Hopefully, I can keep it together enough to keep riding my bike. I feel like all is against me staying on my bike. Oh, well.... I don't really care. Life is good and i got it made.

Hodge is not dead. Thats good. I thought for sure he would freeze to death at a rest stop aboard that broken down Mazda he was drivin somewhere in North Dakota. He didn't and that is very good. I hate to loose my friend like that. Actually, hes doing great. Having fun and getting to see alot of our great country. Bastard!!!! Well, I drank the last growler of Yazoo with Mattycakes so there....!

Pop is doing great as well. He got a new Harley on some sick deal they had going. He is really happy with it. We went on a 5 hour ride on Sunday and had a blast. He did say that he needed to change the seat and the bars and it would be perfect. Thats how you shake em down. Ride em and figure out what need changing.

Life at the shop is good. Not getting rich but, paying the bills. So far the new lord and savior of the USA hasn't done shit for business. Good thing I don't count on our govmnt for what I need. I just hope he doesn't get us all killed or worse, enslaved in a communist state of depression. As far as I'm concerned the lunatics are in the halls.........

Well, there is your dose of Code Red. Now go ride your bike, drink your liquor and don't call me bitching about anything. All you'll get from me is a swift kick in the junk.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hey, don't forget this Saturday at Fort Yargo. All of our awesome friends have organized a benefit ride for Hodgie. It will start at high noon and go on until they kick us outta the park for riding naked thru the woods at high rates of speed while drunk. Or something like that.

Pop update: Well he has finally gone off the deep end of the deep end. His old war buddy Eddie is up this week. Geezus Chrissssttt!! As Eddie would say. These two are armed and dangerous. Eddie smokes more Cigars that they can make in a day in cuba and Pop can out drink any of us including Ron White on comedy night....Straight out. I've tried on many accounts to out drink Pop. But, I'm sad to say I must train for many more years before I can hold my shit together like that. Anyway, Eddie might be the craziest person I have ever met. Yep, I like em. I don't think that man takes anything seriously other than his guns and Cigars. Nice!!!! I have been having a good time watching these two all week. Quite the show I must admit. The term Plausable deniability comes to mind.......

Da Shop!! Well, its on fire as usual. I am missing the Hodge exchanges so I call the prick on the regular. What a pain in the neck!! Ha!! I dragged him outta the house the other day and we went to Pops place. He had been off the pain meds for a few days and was in a damn pain coma. Didn't want to go no where... So I went over and loaded him up. Anyway, he threw some hot wings and beer down his trap and I think he felt pretty good about it. Pop and I had a good time entertaining him with our archery practice for a few hours and then I took him home to rest.

Mattycakes has been coming around and volunteering his help around the shop. Man, I can't tell you what that means. Shit, when your friends step up and help in way that you can't begin to imagine. It makes it all worth it! We have had so many folks helping out, organizing, cooking, etc. I don't have the words. I would list everybody and say thank you's but, I would leave someone out and feel like an asshole. So, thanks!

Oh, if your in Tucker and need yo bike worked on. Stop by Bikeways and see Buddy. One cool phuckin dude!! So go spend so money in his sto!!!!

Code Red out

Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, most of you know whats goin on here and it sucks!! If you don't know, read the front page of our website. Scott, is doing well and is expected to make a recovery in 3-6 months. It will be a tough road but, he is very fortunate. Most others in his position haven't had a recovery option. It has been a very tough year as most of you know so this has come as the third punch. Ouch! Of course these things are never welcomed even when times are perfect.

Scott, his family and I have been overwhelmed from all the positive response from our biking community. Thank you so much for all your support. It is really nice to know that this come full circle when they need to. Again Thank you to all. If you feel inclined to do something for Scott call me or donate thru the paypal link that Namrita setup.

Current update on Scott:
They are currently releasing him from the hospital and he will be home tonight. He will be very tired I am sure so give him some time to settle in before you go by please. Feel free to call the shop if you want more info. I should be here.


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Supa Dope

Ok. So our SS kits are here and you are gonna have to fight me to get yours. Holy crap, these things are freaking awesome!!!! I'm gonna have to stop drinking beer and get faster so I can rock this kit the way it deserves. Badass....

Nice to see some rain. We need it fo sho. It should calm down the dust for this weekends dirty spokes race. Yes, I am going, no I'm not racing (I'm drinking beer......again). Stop by and hang out for a bit. It should be real fun.

Well, my coffee press exploded this morning and I burned the shit outta my hand with hot coffee.. Nice! Turns out that when I adjusted my coffee grinder to a finer setting (per a local expert) it clogged up the strainer and when I pressed it boom! Shit! Wasted some fine coffee and burned myself. Hey, at least I get to ride my bike this weekend.

Look out for POPS place on our front page here soon. That will be a barrel of laughs. I'm making a page for Pop and it is gonna be cool yo!

Well... see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Someone needs to reach across the isle and beat the shit out of somebody. A house divided against itself....

Well, I'm not gonna rant about all the crap going on. I'll will leave that to the media and the jerks on Capitol hill that got us here in the first place.

I got a better idea. Ride your bike and smile cause your saving alot of money and you are withdrawing some of that fat stored in your physical bank from drinking all that beer. Last time I checked, there is no shortage on beer and thus you have all the fuel you need to get around on your bikes.

Interbike is over thank God. Now, we can order stuff and actually do business. Ya know, shows are cool but, crap! Everytime Interbike comes around, it shuts down the bikeshop business for at least a phucking week. Hey, but what the hell. Lets just have a big party and waste a bunch of money.......Whatever! Yea, we are so green and we ride bikes and we are cool marketing whores! Woohoo! Ah the hipocracy of it all. Makes me want to start making my own bike parts and selling them and give the finger to all these money grubbing, mine is betta than yours assholes.

Just remember, no matter where you go....there you are!

Code Red out!!