Thursday, November 29, 2007

Boo Boo anyone

I left the shop at 2 to ride today. I invited Sir Rich but, he decided to stay and keep the Hodgeomaticorocobaumameunchasionasauma company. I went to Yargo, did two laps and came back da shop. Hodge got some work done and then stuck his new Vassago Jabber in the stand and put fingerprints all over it. Hmmm......I think he may be in love with it. He's got some crazy ideas about building this thing. Ya know, it just shows how one bike frame can motivate someone. Pretty kewl. I guess thats why we like building em...

So the Hunters at Fort Yargo must have scared the Boo Boo outta the deer Tuesday and Wednesday. There was more Deer crap on the trail than one person can imagine. Anyway, I'm riding along by myself and I smell poo. I keep thinking, this stuff can't possible be iminating from the trail all over the place. So I keep ridin. At some point I reach up to wipe my nose and realize that there is mud on my had and nose. Except it aint mud. OH MY GOD. Must have ran over some and flung it........well anyway. After that I found myself laying in the woods on my head with my bike up my butt. After I realize that I'm not dead I realize something. Sh_t happens to everyone, just on this day it was for real and it happend to me. I collected my self, wiped my face off and had a real good laugh and thought I can't tell anyone about this crap!!! SHHHH.. Note to self, purchase the anti crap flinging tires.

I'm not tired anymore. I bumped my calories up being that I'm ridin 40 gazillion hours a week. That seemed to help alot. Who knew. A personal trainer that forgot to eat enough to meet his calorie requirements. I guess since selling my gym, I havce just kinda purged that material for a while. I spent so much time telling people how to eat and train I just got tired of it.....

Well, Hodge came in early and finished up Skeletors' wheel build. Wow, a full set of road wheels with a power tap that came in at 1660grams. That is light man. Good work. We got alot done this week and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I love it when a plan comes together.

Got an order of Vassago's hitting the Addictive doc first of the week. Fesh and ready to build up for some would be riders. Here is the rub though. 4 outta 6 are spoken for. Nice! Guess I'll order up some special Addictive style parts and build the other 2 up right. These bikes are so sweet I'm gonna have a hard time not keeping one.

Until next time, keep your nose clean,


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pain anyone?

Well, I like it evidently. I always seem to sign up for it. I guess you are the tracks that you leave behind. So, anyway. I figured that I wanted to get better for this upcoming race season. So, I am riding my bike more, alot more. I went from 4-6 hours a week training last year (sometimes more) to 15-25. WOW! you are thinking. Well so are my quads and the rest of my body. Yes, I'm tired and wondering just exactly why I decided to do this. Then it hits me........Because I want to be faster than the rest of you turkeys! Ha! On top of that, I now have the time to ride this much. I used to dream of this while sitting in a dimly lit square in cubicle city. Training is a strange thing. I been doing it all my life. Your body goes thru all kinds of cycles and changes, sometimes it is a mental game and sometimes it is physical. Either way its always a battle and I like it. Physical purpose seems to have a positive effect on my life. Kinda keeps me going...

It has been a pretty good week at the shop. Were paying bills and moving forward in the off season. That is always good. Business has been up lately with the addition of Vassago and Industry nine wheels. We are also building alot of wheels as we usually do. Nice!! Several tune ups and quite a bit of parts ordering as usual.

Nite rides have kicked off. Tuesday night we did a subsitute to our normal Yargo thing. They were killing out some of the Deer population at Yargo so we met on Thurmond tanner and rode for a few hours on the road with lights. That is a pretty good time. Something differnt at least. Actually, it was Kelly the bear and me. Bobby showed up as we were leaving. I had to jet so I felt bad, but my kids gotta come first.

Vassago update:

Bandersnatchs are in stock. Jabberwokys and optimus' will be mid to late January. Nice! They are discontinuing the shortbus yellow and replacing that color with Safety orange. Titanium will be available late Jan.

Looks like Hodge has jimmyed Sir Richared out of his Jaberwoky. Guess Hodge is making some attempt to catch me on the trail. Yup, hes got wheel envy. Some peoples children. Man, I can't believe that Sir Rich would let his Vassago go to Hodge nontheless for a custom INDEPENDANT FABRICATION! What is the world coming to. I can't wait to order that mean machine. I bet you Rich will have his Independant built before Blalock does....... Well, an Independant couldn't happen to a better person.

Phil 2:13
See you on the trail


Monday, November 26, 2007

Don't kick me I'll get up in a second

Geez! I know we need this rain but, it ain't doing anything for my motivation. As Hodge would say,"be glad you woke up" well I am but, I woke up wrong. Ya know when your just pissed and your not sure why.....don't want to do anything.

Got in early to clean up from the weekend. Shop wasn't that bad. Nice! I'm wrapping this MTB team up this week hopefully. We will have a good team this year, I'm very excited about it. Some folks have exited stage left for another team (something about money and free stuff). It's cool, can't blame em for wanting free shit. I know one thing, the greener the grass the more work is required to keep it that way.

I got in 14ish hours last week on the bike. Wow! I think I have successfully crossed over to CRAZY territory. I had fun though so I'll stick with it. Funny thing about excessive exercise, it makes you tired. I am beat. I took Sunday off to rest but, I am still beat. I figured it out this morning though when I took a drink of water and my body screamed,"give me more of that"!! I always seem to miss something. Not drinking enough water is bad.

Well, time to get greasy. Gotta jerk the fork off Papa Bills' bike and send it to C'dale.



Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'll drag the brake

Woke up and took my kids to the Awful Waffle. Yea, we do that once a month or so and they love it. I have a blast doing it and its cheap decent food. Alot of people slam on waffle house but, actually in the grand scheme of things you are getting real food. Not some over processed thing wrapped in paper. Sure they have some junk but, on average you can eat pretty decent if you are discriminating. We had some eggs, a waffle, milk and coffee. The coffee is terrible but, I was with them so I didn't care.

So. I went out to do some more road riding this morning in base of course. I've really been enjoying the road for the past week. It had been a few months since I sold my last Road bike and I have not ridden road since. Got the new team six 13. Freakin awesome it is. Anyway, Hodgie and I met over on Thurmond Tanner road along with Heath and started rolling. That is a wonderful winter training road. I want to strike up a night ride over there on the road soon. Maybe, next week. Still thinking about the time and day. So we are riding up and down Thurmon Tanner and I'm struggling at first on the hills to keep my heart rate down. Of course Hodge noticed and he coasted back and said,"I adjusted my rear brake to drag so I can keep my heart rate where yours is and we can ride together". I thought wow. You know that is really cool that a friend would be that nice to figure out a way to do more work so that they can hang with you. So I released my rear brake and free pedaled the rest of the morning. Sucka! Race tactics 101. Yea, I wish....

We spent more time talking about the shop than I hoped for. The Mtb team was the subject of the morning and how we can't give everything away like most other shops. True we can't, but thats ok I prefer it that way. We also don't require anything of our racers other than they race and that is good enough. We race with you, we bleed with you, we train with you and we fix your stuff when it counts and we do it right. I can sleep with that...Our team is simple, you pay for the jersey and you are on. We support you the whole season period. In other words, if you support us we support you.

Tomorrow is Turkey day and what are we doing. Riding. Is something wrong with us? This is not normal and I hear that from all kinds of people every day. It seems to fit for me so I go with it. Most folks can't imagine why in the hell anyone would ride a bicycle that much. Well, its called passion. I guess riding is just something that sets me free. Even when it is hard I love it. I have realized that alot of people don't have anything that they do like that. I feel blessed to have found something that I am this passionate about. Of course, my personality leans toward obsessive addictive behavior so maybe that is it. Well, it beats a crack habit for sure. Maybe, I'll be fit enough to ride with my kids when they get to be in their 30s. Heck yea!

So after the ride I went to eat lunch with POP. My dad is the coolest. We had some hot wings(good base training food) and talked about his VA claim. I think it is the VAs' job to make sure you die before you collect any of your money for your disibility due to war service. It is freaking ridiculous how much vets have to go thru to collect just enough to get by on. Shame on us I say. Not only do we send em off to fight wars that we probably shouldn't be fighting, we make it hell for them to get support when they get old. Anyway, he is hanging there like great soldiers do and he will get his due. STRIKE FORCE!!

So I went by the shop for a bit to take care of some things. After that I came home and decorated the christmas tree with the wife and kids. Kids are awesome man! They take pleasure in the simplest things. I love watching them and interacting with them. Maybe, they won't turn out screwed up like me...

Thanksgiving, Nates Party, Dedicated Athelets party, Kelley/Ashleys party. Whew! The holidays are not relaxing man but, they can be fun if you stay light about it all.

Happy T-day,


Tuesday, November 20, 2007


And he was in force on the first Addictive night ride of the off season and we had 10 people show up. If you don't know old Leroy your missin out, show up to the next Addictive style night smack down and you can meet him. Your life will never be the same. Man, I have not had that much fun on my bike in a while. I absolutely love riding with these TURKEYS! Of course I am in base and I will admit to you that it is almost impossible to keep your heart rate in check riding with these guys. Not only are the wicked fit, but you will laugh yourself right out of base.

Attending were:

Preacher Mike (new guy to the night life)
Big Willie
The Johnstons (father and son)
Andy the leaf diver
Sir Rich......
Me the Code Red
Asian Mike....
Heath Bar (not sure what he thinks about us or night riding yet)
Kelly the Bear

Ok. Well good old leaf diver didn't let us down. He pulled his best fall yet when Bigggg Willie brake checked him on a climb. I went by (and may have nuged him) and down the leafy bank he went with the bike landing on top of him. He got his retribution though when we were lauging. He acted hurt and we all felt bad. Of course he was not hurt, just posing like Dave I can't make the first night ride of the Addictive off season base training, the Sissy. That may have been a run on. Sweet!!! Yea, we pretty much all decided that Dave is a sissy and he might be gay or something. Somebody in the group asked him if he was coming out tonight and he said that he wasn't ready. Not that there is anything wrong with that.....for him. I think it was Rich that noticed it with something about pink socks.

We were laughing passing pushing and overall acting like a bunch of hooligans and having a blast. Of course the new guys thought we were all insane and can't wait to come out again and watch. All in all it was more fun than (insert something vulgar or interesting here).

So, I'm in the 3rd week of base and man I forgot how many hours one person can spend on a bike going 5 miles a day. I'm quite certain that I will blow this training running from Dave for relaying the message from the guys. Geez Wiz! I new I was wasted for the year but, I am in worse shape than I realized and to top it off Hodge keeps telling me how slow he is. I keep thinking to myself. Dude you are way faster than me. Thanks for letting me down easy I guess.....

New website is up. Hope you all like it and if you don't then, well, take a flying leap. Mikes' wife worked really hard on that smack. Really, I hope you all like it and if you don't take a flying leap (gotcha). Yea, I know that was stupid but, so are blogs! We all put alot of time and effort into creating the website and we plan on keeping it up to date so check in often.

Well, I gotta go to bed so I can get up early and ride my road bike with the Hodgeomaticbinhabaraba. What is up with that crazy name crap? Ahh the good life.

If you don't like me wait a minute I'm sure it will get worse,

All in fun

In the immortal words of Eric Idle, Always look on the brite side of life.........

CoDe ReD

Friday, November 16, 2007

Got up this morning to go ride MTB with Hodge and Nate. I was really looking forward to that but, I realized that once again I could not close my hands due to this crazy virus. Crap! Hodge called me later and asked why I didn't show so I told him. He gave me the day off (nice of em) to rest so I could be in good form next week. Fortunately, I am feeling better today so I think this thing is on its way out. Good riddens!!

I went to the shop anyway because a day without any bicycles is bad. I also had a sneaking suspision that my new road bike would show up and it did. I built it and brought it home. I can't wait to get fit on it and ride. It is the new six13 in black. Team colors for N2racing. Sweet!!! This is the nicest bike I have ever had. Full duraace and carbon bits. Should be a nice ride...

So, here is an official review for 55nine performance fitting services. Bottom line on waublenaught fitting is that it works. I had Eddie Odea fit me on my mountain bike and I can tell you that it was the cheapest upgrade I have ever purchased. He radically changed everything on my bike (this is not always typical) so I was sceptical. He coached me on my pedal stroke and told me to give my new fit 30 days before I made any decisions on what I thought. He explained that I had not been using my quads very much and that I would go through some body changes before I became truly efficient. Well, he was right. I will say that I was immediately able to put more power on the ground. After a couple of laps on my favorite trail I was used to the way my bike handled with the new setup. All around my bike handles better, I am able to put more power on the ground and I am way faster with less energy expended. 55nineperformace has changed my perspective on the importance of bike fit and I will be forever greatful for the increased performance and fun I have on my bike now.
Cody Yancey Addictive Cycles

Cheers and Beers


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Woke up ok this morning. Going to bed all stiff again. Jeez! Ok, I won't rant about that god awful condition again.

Got the team Jersey almost sorted out today. It is gonna look pretty cool I think. Maybe, even better than last year. Now if I can just get commitment from eveyone for the quantities I can order them and maybe they will get here before February. Sweet!!

Today was pretty good. Had good breakfast and a decent cup of cofee. I'm outta Jittery Joes and did't have time to run down there so I had to have something else. It was ok.. Got to the shop early and banged out some paperwork. Nice!

Saw my pop today. I always like hanging out with him. It lets me know that I am not the only crazy person in the world. We get along great and we always have a good time together. I think its pretty cool when you like your parents. I meet so many people that don't get along with their families that I feel blessed that I do.

Well, I'm tired and don't have much to say tonight. I was hoping for a ride tomorrow but, I will have to wait to see how I feel in the morning.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Our new wheels are gonna sit you down!!!!!

Just a note. If you ever hear of anything remotely sounding like 5ths disease. RUN!!!!!!! OH MY GOD. I don't think I have ever unvoluntarily hurt this bad ever. Calm down. It is temporary or so the doc said. It is a virus of some kind that evidently all of us get at one time or another. Cripes. My little girl got it somewhere, who knows, maybe from school. So she brings it home and kisses daddy on the cheek and WHAM! A week later I can't Fin move. This morning I woke up and tried to get out of bed and it looked like a freaking nursing home. You can't move hardly at all. All of your joints hurt so bad you want to kill someone. Anything, that was sore from riding your bike already feels like it will fall off at any moment. I mean I'm a pretty tough guy but, crap I feel like a sniveling ninny......... Poor little girl. I told her there were no monsters...... I had never heard of 5ths or 6ths or any other crap like that before. Turns out that by the time the symptoms show up you are not contagious. Sneaky little bastard..

Enough about that other than the fact that it hurts like hell and "can last up to 3 weeks". I hope not. I mean I physically can't ride my bike. I tried today and almost got my shoes on. Pitiful.. No chance I will blow my heart rate base training though.

Ok, so the new website should roll out at the end of this week so keep your eyes peeled for that gem of Korean goodness from Mikeys Shorty. It looks really cool and will be easier to use and will have up to date info on it. What a concept.

Went to the shop today and watched Hodgie rearrange the shop. I must say that it looks freaking awesome! Good job Homie. I mean what a difference. During the MTB meeting both Hodge and I noticed that the shop felt really good with nothing in the middle of it. So we cleared out the middle and put a very little pile of closeout shoes that are 50% off for a limited time only buy one pair get the other pair 50% off as well so it is a really good deal...... Stop by and check it out and we will throw in a 2 year old Addictive Cycles T shirt in XXXXXXXXL. Quantities are limited....

This years MTB team is gonna be fun. I can't wait to mix it up. We are gonna have so much fun. Lots of kewl people to ride with. We are sponsored by Vassago and will be rocking their bikes. They ride awesome! I can't say enough about my Jabberwoky. I love it and it loves me. I think they built that bike custom to my measurements or something. Of course it helps that Eddie and Nam set me up on it. Talk about 2 of the niceset people that can really make you go faster. You should call em right now. Their bike fitting is by far the cheapest money you will ever spend to go faster right away.

Night rides will start at Fort Yargo this coming Tuesday at 630 pm. We gotta be out by 10 so we should be able to do 4-5 laps if we stay in our base range on single speeds. Ha! Right. I plan on walking most of the hills so I will be lucky to get one lap in by 10pm......

Well, I'm going to bed early in hopes that I will wake up not feeling like a 17 year old golden retriever in the morning.

Forget about the tiny pickels, you are naked,
Code Red

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Yes. Another awesome Saturday. Went to the shop today on my day off. I like to do that, just ask Hodge, I think it pisses him off or something. He always asks me what the F I am doing at work and why don't' I get the hell away from there. I usually shrug and say something non-profound and he looks at me like I am crazy. Of course I am used to that because, most of the rest of the world seems to be bewildered by my behavior. I get a simple pleasure from being at work when I am not supposed to be. Maybe, it is because I had to work so much when I didn't want to at something I hated that I feel like I am part of something that is greater than most people realize it is and I don't want to miss a second of it. Yea, I don't get paid half the time But, I don't imagine they will be handing out paychecks in heaven either..... I learn alot about our business and I often get more done when I'm not supposed to be there. I think the reason is that I spend more time on the other side of the counter when I am there on my day off. I have noticed that cusomers talk to me more and I tend to notice that our service area is really nasty so I start cleaning..... Anyway, enough of that crazy wierdness.

So, I got the new website hashed with Crackerkoreans shorty....(Stacey, yes I remebered your name). It is really gonna be cool. I did a repair or two. Broshe and Baily came in and entertained me with stories about Hodge in his yonger days last year. Hmmmm... I was around and didn't see some of this stuff.

I helped Mike start his new set of wheels for his new MTB build. I love to see that kind of excitement over doing something new. We had a good time and I got another Addictive tradition wheel build off and going. Mike is really a kewl dude. He might be just as wierd as the rest of our Motley crue......

After Hodge almost got to the shop I went for MTB ride at the College with My bro big MATT. He bitched at me the whole way about how I was doping and there was no way that I was staying in my base zone. He is on crack. He has a new baby and has not been riding. Pretty much anyone could run faster than he can go on his bike right now. I mean he is running on no sleep, new dad blues, no ridin, over eating etc. Anyone, that has kids can tell you that the first year is like that. I got two of em so I know. 2 laps and I had to go, I couldn't take the heckling anymore and I needed to run some errands.

I left the college and went back to the shop to check on Mike and his wheel build. I got there and him and Hodgie were talking about nutrition or some crap and the wheels were rusting. I got em started again. I think there are gonna be a good set of first handbuilt wheels for Mikey. I left the shop and came home. I had some bread and hummas for dinner and drank a few beers. I finished the night playing with my wonderful daughters. After bath time I put em to bed and sat down to write this wonderful blog that you have spent your time reading......Why I will never know..

Vassago Update. This bike rules, I have almost 6 hundred miles on this bike in 3 weeks. Wow! It handles like it is on rails and the power transfer should be illegal..

See you on the trail

Thursday, November 08, 2007

So my kids are at gymnastics and I am here at the shop. That fun!!! Thanks Hodge!!!! Actullay, I don't mind. It doesn't happen that often and it beats the hell outta working for corporate america wasting away in the monotany of post modern hell.

Damn Farmer, your bike is hosed. Hope they give you 8000 for it.....

Blalocks bike is gonna be badd ass. I am jealous on this one. Hes gettin a IF in the team panel colors and he is trickin it out big time. I can't wait to build it and ride it before he does. Maybe, I'll fill the frame with lead or something to get back at him for out doing me.

Psycobilly has really been helping out the shop lately. Props brother. I really appreicate what you are doin.

Had my lactate threshold done yesterday at Nates place. Yea, thats right I'm a pro.........whatever. At least I beat Hodgie.. Back at you bitch.

The Mtb team is gonna be pretty cool this year. We are having out first team meeting this tuesday and that will tell me alot about how things are shaping up right there.


Thursday Nov 8th 2007

Ok. VASSAGO is the most awesome bike company second only to IF. This bike is on rails and is perfectly balanced despite the geometry numbers you see. I am in love with this thing. It just does eveything better than any other bike I have had. What is better is that it is Black as night and looks almost as baddass as my lead sled