Thursday, November 29, 2007

Boo Boo anyone

I left the shop at 2 to ride today. I invited Sir Rich but, he decided to stay and keep the Hodgeomaticorocobaumameunchasionasauma company. I went to Yargo, did two laps and came back da shop. Hodge got some work done and then stuck his new Vassago Jabber in the stand and put fingerprints all over it. Hmmm......I think he may be in love with it. He's got some crazy ideas about building this thing. Ya know, it just shows how one bike frame can motivate someone. Pretty kewl. I guess thats why we like building em...

So the Hunters at Fort Yargo must have scared the Boo Boo outta the deer Tuesday and Wednesday. There was more Deer crap on the trail than one person can imagine. Anyway, I'm riding along by myself and I smell poo. I keep thinking, this stuff can't possible be iminating from the trail all over the place. So I keep ridin. At some point I reach up to wipe my nose and realize that there is mud on my had and nose. Except it aint mud. OH MY GOD. Must have ran over some and flung it........well anyway. After that I found myself laying in the woods on my head with my bike up my butt. After I realize that I'm not dead I realize something. Sh_t happens to everyone, just on this day it was for real and it happend to me. I collected my self, wiped my face off and had a real good laugh and thought I can't tell anyone about this crap!!! SHHHH.. Note to self, purchase the anti crap flinging tires.

I'm not tired anymore. I bumped my calories up being that I'm ridin 40 gazillion hours a week. That seemed to help alot. Who knew. A personal trainer that forgot to eat enough to meet his calorie requirements. I guess since selling my gym, I havce just kinda purged that material for a while. I spent so much time telling people how to eat and train I just got tired of it.....

Well, Hodge came in early and finished up Skeletors' wheel build. Wow, a full set of road wheels with a power tap that came in at 1660grams. That is light man. Good work. We got alot done this week and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I love it when a plan comes together.

Got an order of Vassago's hitting the Addictive doc first of the week. Fesh and ready to build up for some would be riders. Here is the rub though. 4 outta 6 are spoken for. Nice! Guess I'll order up some special Addictive style parts and build the other 2 up right. These bikes are so sweet I'm gonna have a hard time not keeping one.

Until next time, keep your nose clean,



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