Monday, November 26, 2007

Don't kick me I'll get up in a second

Geez! I know we need this rain but, it ain't doing anything for my motivation. As Hodge would say,"be glad you woke up" well I am but, I woke up wrong. Ya know when your just pissed and your not sure why.....don't want to do anything.

Got in early to clean up from the weekend. Shop wasn't that bad. Nice! I'm wrapping this MTB team up this week hopefully. We will have a good team this year, I'm very excited about it. Some folks have exited stage left for another team (something about money and free stuff). It's cool, can't blame em for wanting free shit. I know one thing, the greener the grass the more work is required to keep it that way.

I got in 14ish hours last week on the bike. Wow! I think I have successfully crossed over to CRAZY territory. I had fun though so I'll stick with it. Funny thing about excessive exercise, it makes you tired. I am beat. I took Sunday off to rest but, I am still beat. I figured it out this morning though when I took a drink of water and my body screamed,"give me more of that"!! I always seem to miss something. Not drinking enough water is bad.

Well, time to get greasy. Gotta jerk the fork off Papa Bills' bike and send it to C'dale.




Blogger Mike said...

So what are you saying, that our grass is a nice shade of crispy yellow?

Im happy right where I am.

12:19 PM  

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