Friday, November 16, 2007

Got up this morning to go ride MTB with Hodge and Nate. I was really looking forward to that but, I realized that once again I could not close my hands due to this crazy virus. Crap! Hodge called me later and asked why I didn't show so I told him. He gave me the day off (nice of em) to rest so I could be in good form next week. Fortunately, I am feeling better today so I think this thing is on its way out. Good riddens!!

I went to the shop anyway because a day without any bicycles is bad. I also had a sneaking suspision that my new road bike would show up and it did. I built it and brought it home. I can't wait to get fit on it and ride. It is the new six13 in black. Team colors for N2racing. Sweet!!! This is the nicest bike I have ever had. Full duraace and carbon bits. Should be a nice ride...

So, here is an official review for 55nine performance fitting services. Bottom line on waublenaught fitting is that it works. I had Eddie Odea fit me on my mountain bike and I can tell you that it was the cheapest upgrade I have ever purchased. He radically changed everything on my bike (this is not always typical) so I was sceptical. He coached me on my pedal stroke and told me to give my new fit 30 days before I made any decisions on what I thought. He explained that I had not been using my quads very much and that I would go through some body changes before I became truly efficient. Well, he was right. I will say that I was immediately able to put more power on the ground. After a couple of laps on my favorite trail I was used to the way my bike handled with the new setup. All around my bike handles better, I am able to put more power on the ground and I am way faster with less energy expended. 55nineperformace has changed my perspective on the importance of bike fit and I will be forever greatful for the increased performance and fun I have on my bike now.
Cody Yancey Addictive Cycles

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