Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'll drag the brake

Woke up and took my kids to the Awful Waffle. Yea, we do that once a month or so and they love it. I have a blast doing it and its cheap decent food. Alot of people slam on waffle house but, actually in the grand scheme of things you are getting real food. Not some over processed thing wrapped in paper. Sure they have some junk but, on average you can eat pretty decent if you are discriminating. We had some eggs, a waffle, milk and coffee. The coffee is terrible but, I was with them so I didn't care.

So. I went out to do some more road riding this morning in base of course. I've really been enjoying the road for the past week. It had been a few months since I sold my last Road bike and I have not ridden road since. Got the new team six 13. Freakin awesome it is. Anyway, Hodgie and I met over on Thurmond Tanner road along with Heath and started rolling. That is a wonderful winter training road. I want to strike up a night ride over there on the road soon. Maybe, next week. Still thinking about the time and day. So we are riding up and down Thurmon Tanner and I'm struggling at first on the hills to keep my heart rate down. Of course Hodge noticed and he coasted back and said,"I adjusted my rear brake to drag so I can keep my heart rate where yours is and we can ride together". I thought wow. You know that is really cool that a friend would be that nice to figure out a way to do more work so that they can hang with you. So I released my rear brake and free pedaled the rest of the morning. Sucka! Race tactics 101. Yea, I wish....

We spent more time talking about the shop than I hoped for. The Mtb team was the subject of the morning and how we can't give everything away like most other shops. True we can't, but thats ok I prefer it that way. We also don't require anything of our racers other than they race and that is good enough. We race with you, we bleed with you, we train with you and we fix your stuff when it counts and we do it right. I can sleep with that...Our team is simple, you pay for the jersey and you are on. We support you the whole season period. In other words, if you support us we support you.

Tomorrow is Turkey day and what are we doing. Riding. Is something wrong with us? This is not normal and I hear that from all kinds of people every day. It seems to fit for me so I go with it. Most folks can't imagine why in the hell anyone would ride a bicycle that much. Well, its called passion. I guess riding is just something that sets me free. Even when it is hard I love it. I have realized that alot of people don't have anything that they do like that. I feel blessed to have found something that I am this passionate about. Of course, my personality leans toward obsessive addictive behavior so maybe that is it. Well, it beats a crack habit for sure. Maybe, I'll be fit enough to ride with my kids when they get to be in their 30s. Heck yea!

So after the ride I went to eat lunch with POP. My dad is the coolest. We had some hot wings(good base training food) and talked about his VA claim. I think it is the VAs' job to make sure you die before you collect any of your money for your disibility due to war service. It is freaking ridiculous how much vets have to go thru to collect just enough to get by on. Shame on us I say. Not only do we send em off to fight wars that we probably shouldn't be fighting, we make it hell for them to get support when they get old. Anyway, he is hanging there like great soldiers do and he will get his due. STRIKE FORCE!!

So I went by the shop for a bit to take care of some things. After that I came home and decorated the christmas tree with the wife and kids. Kids are awesome man! They take pleasure in the simplest things. I love watching them and interacting with them. Maybe, they won't turn out screwed up like me...

Thanksgiving, Nates Party, Dedicated Athelets party, Kelley/Ashleys party. Whew! The holidays are not relaxing man but, they can be fun if you stay light about it all.

Happy T-day,



Blogger mark.d.johnson said...

"Of course, my personality leans toward obsessive addictive behavior so maybe that is it."

And you work at at shop named Addictive Cycles! Some line about birds of a feather comes to mind here!!!

7:50 PM  
Blogger velomech said...

HAH! Thats hilarious...I knew I should have just rode on. Ha dto do trainer today, too much rain for a ride. Dont slack!

See you at work around 1-2 ish...

Peace out and shit!

8:52 PM  

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