Tuesday, November 20, 2007


And he was in force on the first Addictive night ride of the off season and we had 10 people show up. If you don't know old Leroy your missin out, show up to the next Addictive style night smack down and you can meet him. Your life will never be the same. Man, I have not had that much fun on my bike in a while. I absolutely love riding with these TURKEYS! Of course I am in base and I will admit to you that it is almost impossible to keep your heart rate in check riding with these guys. Not only are the wicked fit, but you will laugh yourself right out of base.

Attending were:

Preacher Mike (new guy to the night life)
Big Willie
The Johnstons (father and son)
Andy the leaf diver
Sir Rich......
Me the Code Red
Asian Mike....
Heath Bar (not sure what he thinks about us or night riding yet)
Kelly the Bear

Ok. Well good old leaf diver didn't let us down. He pulled his best fall yet when Bigggg Willie brake checked him on a climb. I went by (and may have nuged him) and down the leafy bank he went with the bike landing on top of him. He got his retribution though when we were lauging. He acted hurt and we all felt bad. Of course he was not hurt, just posing like Dave I can't make the first night ride of the Addictive off season base training, the Sissy. That may have been a run on. Sweet!!! Yea, we pretty much all decided that Dave is a sissy and he might be gay or something. Somebody in the group asked him if he was coming out tonight and he said that he wasn't ready. Not that there is anything wrong with that.....for him. I think it was Rich that noticed it with something about pink socks.

We were laughing passing pushing and overall acting like a bunch of hooligans and having a blast. Of course the new guys thought we were all insane and can't wait to come out again and watch. All in all it was more fun than (insert something vulgar or interesting here).

So, I'm in the 3rd week of base and man I forgot how many hours one person can spend on a bike going 5 miles a day. I'm quite certain that I will blow this training running from Dave for relaying the message from the guys. Geez Wiz! I new I was wasted for the year but, I am in worse shape than I realized and to top it off Hodge keeps telling me how slow he is. I keep thinking to myself. Dude you are way faster than me. Thanks for letting me down easy I guess.....

New website is up. Hope you all like it and if you don't then, well, take a flying leap. Mikes' wife worked really hard on that smack. Really, I hope you all like it and if you don't take a flying leap (gotcha). Yea, I know that was stupid but, so are blogs! We all put alot of time and effort into creating the website and we plan on keeping it up to date so check in often.

Well, I gotta go to bed so I can get up early and ride my road bike with the Hodgeomaticbinhabaraba. What is up with that crazy name crap? Ahh the good life.

If you don't like me wait a minute I'm sure it will get worse,

All in fun

In the immortal words of Eric Idle, Always look on the brite side of life.........

CoDe ReD


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