Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Our new wheels are gonna sit you down!!!!!

Just a note. If you ever hear of anything remotely sounding like 5ths disease. RUN!!!!!!! OH MY GOD. I don't think I have ever unvoluntarily hurt this bad ever. Calm down. It is temporary or so the doc said. It is a virus of some kind that evidently all of us get at one time or another. Cripes. My little girl got it somewhere, who knows, maybe from school. So she brings it home and kisses daddy on the cheek and WHAM! A week later I can't Fin move. This morning I woke up and tried to get out of bed and it looked like a freaking nursing home. You can't move hardly at all. All of your joints hurt so bad you want to kill someone. Anything, that was sore from riding your bike already feels like it will fall off at any moment. I mean I'm a pretty tough guy but, crap I feel like a sniveling ninny......... Poor little girl. I told her there were no monsters...... I had never heard of 5ths or 6ths or any other crap like that before. Turns out that by the time the symptoms show up you are not contagious. Sneaky little bastard..

Enough about that other than the fact that it hurts like hell and "can last up to 3 weeks". I hope not. I mean I physically can't ride my bike. I tried today and almost got my shoes on. Pitiful.. No chance I will blow my heart rate base training though.

Ok, so the new website should roll out at the end of this week so keep your eyes peeled for that gem of Korean goodness from Mikeys Shorty. It looks really cool and will be easier to use and will have up to date info on it. What a concept.

Went to the shop today and watched Hodgie rearrange the shop. I must say that it looks freaking awesome! Good job Homie. I mean what a difference. During the MTB meeting both Hodge and I noticed that the shop felt really good with nothing in the middle of it. So we cleared out the middle and put a very little pile of closeout shoes that are 50% off for a limited time only buy one pair get the other pair 50% off as well so it is a really good deal...... Stop by and check it out and we will throw in a 2 year old Addictive Cycles T shirt in XXXXXXXXL. Quantities are limited....

This years MTB team is gonna be fun. I can't wait to mix it up. We are gonna have so much fun. Lots of kewl people to ride with. We are sponsored by Vassago and will be rocking their bikes. They ride awesome! I can't say enough about my Jabberwoky. I love it and it loves me. I think they built that bike custom to my measurements or something. Of course it helps that Eddie and Nam set me up on it. Talk about 2 of the niceset people that can really make you go faster. You should call em right now. Their bike fitting is by far the cheapest money you will ever spend to go faster right away.

Night rides will start at Fort Yargo this coming Tuesday at 630 pm. We gotta be out by 10 so we should be able to do 4-5 laps if we stay in our base range on single speeds. Ha! Right. I plan on walking most of the hills so I will be lucky to get one lap in by 10pm......

Well, I'm going to bed early in hopes that I will wake up not feeling like a 17 year old golden retriever in the morning.

Forget about the tiny pickels, you are naked,
Code Red


Blogger velomech said...

"Is that your super power? Butt kissery?"

8:36 AM  
Blogger Code Red said...

Your an idiot! How is that for but kissery jackass.

11:19 AM  

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