Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pain anyone?

Well, I like it evidently. I always seem to sign up for it. I guess you are the tracks that you leave behind. So, anyway. I figured that I wanted to get better for this upcoming race season. So, I am riding my bike more, alot more. I went from 4-6 hours a week training last year (sometimes more) to 15-25. WOW! you are thinking. Well so are my quads and the rest of my body. Yes, I'm tired and wondering just exactly why I decided to do this. Then it hits me........Because I want to be faster than the rest of you turkeys! Ha! On top of that, I now have the time to ride this much. I used to dream of this while sitting in a dimly lit square in cubicle city. Training is a strange thing. I been doing it all my life. Your body goes thru all kinds of cycles and changes, sometimes it is a mental game and sometimes it is physical. Either way its always a battle and I like it. Physical purpose seems to have a positive effect on my life. Kinda keeps me going...

It has been a pretty good week at the shop. Were paying bills and moving forward in the off season. That is always good. Business has been up lately with the addition of Vassago and Industry nine wheels. We are also building alot of wheels as we usually do. Nice!! Several tune ups and quite a bit of parts ordering as usual.

Nite rides have kicked off. Tuesday night we did a subsitute to our normal Yargo thing. They were killing out some of the Deer population at Yargo so we met on Thurmond tanner and rode for a few hours on the road with lights. That is a pretty good time. Something differnt at least. Actually, it was Kelly the bear and me. Bobby showed up as we were leaving. I had to jet so I felt bad, but my kids gotta come first.

Vassago update:

Bandersnatchs are in stock. Jabberwokys and optimus' will be mid to late January. Nice! They are discontinuing the shortbus yellow and replacing that color with Safety orange. Titanium will be available late Jan.

Looks like Hodge has jimmyed Sir Richared out of his Jaberwoky. Guess Hodge is making some attempt to catch me on the trail. Yup, hes got wheel envy. Some peoples children. Man, I can't believe that Sir Rich would let his Vassago go to Hodge nontheless for a custom INDEPENDANT FABRICATION! What is the world coming to. I can't wait to order that mean machine. I bet you Rich will have his Independant built before Blalock does....... Well, an Independant couldn't happen to a better person.

Phil 2:13
See you on the trail



Blogger YO Daddy said...

#1-"Independent Fabrication" There is no "a" you goon!

#2- I'll take that bet!

#3- Is'nt "CODE RED" what Tom Cruse could not handle?

#4 Can you handle the "Truth"?

3:50 PM  
Blogger Code Red said...

Not sure who you are Blalock. But we announce ourselves around here.... I mispell things to irritate OCD freaks.

And I'll bet you a 6 pack of PBR.

I lay down the truth any day.....

6:02 PM  

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