Saturday, November 10, 2007


Yes. Another awesome Saturday. Went to the shop today on my day off. I like to do that, just ask Hodge, I think it pisses him off or something. He always asks me what the F I am doing at work and why don't' I get the hell away from there. I usually shrug and say something non-profound and he looks at me like I am crazy. Of course I am used to that because, most of the rest of the world seems to be bewildered by my behavior. I get a simple pleasure from being at work when I am not supposed to be. Maybe, it is because I had to work so much when I didn't want to at something I hated that I feel like I am part of something that is greater than most people realize it is and I don't want to miss a second of it. Yea, I don't get paid half the time But, I don't imagine they will be handing out paychecks in heaven either..... I learn alot about our business and I often get more done when I'm not supposed to be there. I think the reason is that I spend more time on the other side of the counter when I am there on my day off. I have noticed that cusomers talk to me more and I tend to notice that our service area is really nasty so I start cleaning..... Anyway, enough of that crazy wierdness.

So, I got the new website hashed with Crackerkoreans shorty....(Stacey, yes I remebered your name). It is really gonna be cool. I did a repair or two. Broshe and Baily came in and entertained me with stories about Hodge in his yonger days last year. Hmmmm... I was around and didn't see some of this stuff.

I helped Mike start his new set of wheels for his new MTB build. I love to see that kind of excitement over doing something new. We had a good time and I got another Addictive tradition wheel build off and going. Mike is really a kewl dude. He might be just as wierd as the rest of our Motley crue......

After Hodge almost got to the shop I went for MTB ride at the College with My bro big MATT. He bitched at me the whole way about how I was doping and there was no way that I was staying in my base zone. He is on crack. He has a new baby and has not been riding. Pretty much anyone could run faster than he can go on his bike right now. I mean he is running on no sleep, new dad blues, no ridin, over eating etc. Anyone, that has kids can tell you that the first year is like that. I got two of em so I know. 2 laps and I had to go, I couldn't take the heckling anymore and I needed to run some errands.

I left the college and went back to the shop to check on Mike and his wheel build. I got there and him and Hodgie were talking about nutrition or some crap and the wheels were rusting. I got em started again. I think there are gonna be a good set of first handbuilt wheels for Mikey. I left the shop and came home. I had some bread and hummas for dinner and drank a few beers. I finished the night playing with my wonderful daughters. After bath time I put em to bed and sat down to write this wonderful blog that you have spent your time reading......Why I will never know..

Vassago Update. This bike rules, I have almost 6 hundred miles on this bike in 3 weeks. Wow! It handles like it is on rails and the power transfer should be illegal..

See you on the trail


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