Sunday, December 30, 2007

Quick update

Christmas came and went in the usual fashion. Had fun with the Kids and the family. Kept me diet in check for the most part but, I have not been able to ride very much with all the rain. Yea, we need the water but, darn. I've been busy organinzing the shop with Matts help and Crackers help. I have alot more to do to get things going for the new year at da shop.

The shop van is for sale if any of yall want it let us know asap!!!! We don't use it much and don't want it to rot.

I'll update again in a few days with all the new stuff. Our webstore etc. Happy new year eveyone!!!!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The night train

Last nights night ride was awesome. I had a really great time. It is nice to know that there are so many insane people out there to hang with. It was in the low 30s and we still had 10 people show. Awesome!! We got in about 1/4 of a mile and Hodges rear skewer broke in half. I'm sure he will go on about it and about how it was his power and leg strength or something. Nope! He is just using a bad combination of broken parts and trying to make them work. PPPPPP comes to mind. And so he headed back to the lot with Jay to do a repair and come backwards to meet us. The rest of us pushed on. The pace was perfect. I only came close to redline a couple of times and just for a bit so I can say that I stayed in in my training plan. We talked alot stopped alot and enjoyed the new reroute sections of the trail. All in all a really good time. I will say that nobody was really cutting up like we normally do. Must have been too cold....

Had to get my blood taken by the Doctor vampires today. Normal routine stuff but, I got to witness something terrible. Things were going as well as they can before you get stabbed with a needle. I was sitting there and a mother with a 4 year old boy comes in and sits down. Turns out the little boy had to get his blood taken as well. I think to myself crap!!! This kid is gonna freak out. He seems fairly calm so I smile at him and get ready for the little prik they alway warn you about. I always look right at it when they stick me. Not sure why but, it makes it better for me. So she sticks me and I look at the kid and smile to reassure him that its all good. He is sitting in his mothers lap and he turns to her and asks, "is it gonna hurt Mommy"? And there it is. The terrible thing. She smiles and says no it will be just fine. He turns around and sticks out his arm like a man and looks at me. I keep smiling as the blood is running out of my arm into the bucket in the floor. The nurse wraps the rubber band around the little mans arm and prepares the arm for the stab. The kid is still calm when the nurse sticks him. He immediately starts to cry. But, it is not a scream or a shriek, more like a deep hearted let down kind of tears running down his cheeks. My heart sinks and I suck it up cause I just realzed what happened. The nurse finishes her job on him and he turns to his Mommy and says, "Mommy you lied to me it did hurt". He continues to weep.. She looks at me and I can't help but, see it in her face. I just added another brick in the wall between me and my son....................... Tell the truth people. Don't sugar coat stuff. Let your yes be yes and your no be no and for heavens sake don't lie to your kids. So I realize that I am getting dizzy and look at the nurse and say are you done with me? She shutters and says, oh I'm sorry. She was in a daze watching what just happend as well was I. She wraps it up and hands me "the cup". She says fill it up to here pointing at the line. I think to myself right. Nobody told me that I needed to come loaded. I fasted, rested and ate properley but, I took a leak before I got there. Crap!! So I go into the bathroom and squeeze a few drops out and put the cup in the hole in the wall. I made it out alive....Whew! I gotta go back for the doctor to do his thing on me later today and make me feel completely violated. Doctors are homos and I don't like em. Yea, right. They are just keeping you healthy. Whatever........

It is my day off and I'm gonna try not to go into the shop. Hodge yelled at me yesterday and told me not to come. I'm gonna make an effort but, I'm feeling weak. I just get so out of the loop in one day. It is amazing what can happen around that place in a day. Anyway, I will probably stop by and make sure all is well and get some lunch around 2:30 ish.

I have a custom set of Industry Nine 29er MTB wheels for sale if anyone wants em. I've been riding em. They gots about 150 miles on em or so. They are really nice. Peweter hubs and spokes with the stans arch rims. I'll take 800.00 for them . They retail for 1200 so its a good deal. Call the shop if you want them.

Well, gotta go back to the Doc.


Monday, December 17, 2007


I haven't figured out why but, all my life I have reached into a ream of saltines and always pulled out an even number of crackers. Weird~~ I grew up on whole milk and crackers. Probably why I prefer salt over sugar most of the time. To this day I jones for Milk and crackers. The saltines have to be crunchy not stale and the milk has to be whole and fresh. Man I almost prefer that over beer....ALMOST! These are the type of details that I toil over day in and day out. I know, I am a freak and the little crap weighs heavier on my mind that it should but, I tend to notice things that most people do not. Call it a tortured artist scenario, or OCD, or just plain picky. The weird thing is that I did not grow up privelaged or coddled. I still turned out to be picky about certain things. Some stuff I could care less about but, the little pesky stupid shit drives me crazy. CRAZY!! Can any of you relate or am I alone in this? For the most part I'm cool about stuff but, there are a few things that I just cannot solve. Like the cracker thing. What is that all about? Yep, there are plenty of other things that I won't mention because you all would think I am nuts. Also I cannot figure out why I don't have a favorite color. For most of the time I pick black but, it depends on the day and the subject matter. Ask any normal run of the mill person and they will give you a standard blue or green or maybe even a red. No not me, I gotta make it difficult. I'm really not being difficult that is just how I am. Why did I bring this interesting characteristic up? Well, that is for you to toil over. Just let me paint this little picture for you. We get a delivery at the shop today from Cannondale. I look at the box and figure it is a frame. I did not order anything I figure it is a team deal that Wiley shipped to da shop. So I sign for it. Hours later I cut the invoice off the box and it reads one box of 14 red caad 9 frames. I think...that is weird I only got one box. Oh well, the rest must be in transit. Later on I open the one box and find a old colnago zipped tied to a piece of cardboard and the on the cardboard there are notes with arrows pointing to different parts of the frame. One say cracked top tube. Another says broken head tube. So I'm looking at this thing thinking what in the mountain of baby diapers is this thing doing in our shop shipped from cannondale? Are we a colnago dealer? NO. do we handle Colnago warranties? NO. Why in the hell did Cannondale ship me a broken colnago frame? So I call Cannondale. We go over the whole thing and the lady tells me that she has no idea about any of it. So............This must be an evil prank from the devil to taunght my psychie because I will think about this damn situation for days trying to figure it out. I take the frame out of the box and look it over. Yep it is broken, yep its a Colnago, yep I am in the fing twilight zone..........

So, it was slammed in the shop today. I worked my ass off all day and didn't get one repair completed. I got one huffy mostly done and it took me all day. No, I'm not complaining, just contrasting the type of day it was. After cleaning the shop a little so I could find the tools that I needed to do actual work I spent the morning answering phone calls and emails between working on the huffy and staring at a damn Colnago frame expecting it to change into a Cannondale or tell me its little story. I even started talking to this damn thing. I figured what the hell. It was a weird enough situation.

So base training is something that coaches inflict on athletes to test their mental game. Turns out that most of the athletes freak out and start seeing things. CRAP!!!! I have relegated myself to the trainer this week for a change. GET that a CHANGE ON THE TRAINER. Trainers are for crazy people that like to sit in one place and beat their head into the wall. Base training is like getting pecked to death by ducks. Geeeezuuusss!!! I have gained alot of respect for the pros if they actualy do this type of training. I'm starting to think that Nate and Hodge are just fing with me and laughing silently to see if I can actually complete 8 weeks of this crap. Well I can and I will. Maybe, I actually am in a coma and none of this is happening. Or maybe all of you are in comas and I am just one of the people that you see and read about in a stupid blog.......

One week till chirstmas. Hurry up and go buy the inventory at Addictive cycles!! Ha! Ride your bike. Drink your beer and have a good holiday.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Music Snob?

OK Hodge, you are building up some real smack talk as of late. You forget that most of the people you smack talk live pretty far away from you and don't work in the same building every day. I'm pretty easy going most of the time but, you also forget that I can go off on you like no body else. Don't make me kick your ass and put pics on my blog so all your Buddy's can laugh. Music Snob? You are the one sending your kids to Hannah Montana concerts.....We will see who is scared of the dark my friend.......... Stop Hating on me punk!!!!

Disclaimer: For those of you that do not know us, we joke around alot so don't take offense. As for Hodge you can kiss it.

It is nice and cold today. Won't be riding my bike in this stuff. Gotta go do some family stuff anyway. Someone in the family will make sugar cookies every year and we all come together and decorate them. Fun for the kids and it gets the whole family together. I used to really hate it but, I've kinda been taken in by watching all different personalities collide. Kinda fun. We have all the same type of stuff going on that most families do. A couple of the women secretly hate one another and do nothing but, complain and moan until they get together and then they are best friends. Of course these are the two that are most active in church. This makes it impossible for me to have any loving healthy conversation with them because they know more than I do about God in their opinion......Go figure.... I've resolved myself to just keep praying for them and let God work on them in the outer court. Most of the men are just there to keep their wives happy and the kids seem oblivious all the while learning how to behave like their parents. Its just beautiful. Mix in a bunch of selfishly motivated conversation and generally superficial commentary and you have a perfect picture of what the day will be like today. In truth, it used to tear my stomach out but, I realized that none of this had anything to do with me so I might as well enjoy myself and do my best to be positive. I try to love most of them and my kids are everything to me. So I can donate a few hours of my life to put up with these people for the common good that comes out of it.

Well, gotta go get the kids from moms house. She borrowed them for the weekend to catch up on play time she missed while she was outta town. I missed them but, it was nice to have a few quiet hours for a day.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Almost forgot I had a blog

So it has been a minute since I wrote anything here. I get kinda fed up from time to time so I shutdown alot of stuff. Been that kind of 2 weeks for me. Not sure what triggers it but, I just get the "I don't want to cope with all this crap" thing going on. Anyway, here I am.

Took 3 days off from the shop while the wife has been outta town..... I got my kids to take care of, me training to fit in and I am feeling it. This weather shift has affected me. Been feeling like a cold is coming on. Kinda weird for a guy that doesn't usually get sick. I think all the riding I have been doing has been keeping me run down and I am more apt to catch something. Nice! Yet another benefit of BASE training. Well, I got 4 more weeks of this crap and I will be off the leassh. So far it has done nothing but put me in the dumps attitude wise. I feel slow, fat, and generally pissed off. It is really great you should try it. Ha!!!!! I will be faster for it though so I gotta man up and finish it.

The shop has been crazy lately. We are over run with repairs that seem to not make us any money. I'm not sure how that happens. Repairs are free money. Between warranties and over discounting most folks that come thru the door we are gonna be in the poor house. We keep pulling it out though. To top it off this is a cutthroat business and anyone else with a bike shop seems to hate us. Nice! just the way I like it. Means we are a threat....... Damn right!

Keeping it short today. Gotta go ride my motorcycle. Riding my moto clears my head and makes me feel free. 5 bucks in gas and I can go almost anywhere. Maintenance is nill and I cant carry any excess baggage. Sweet!! The only thing better will be when me pop gets his ride and we can go riding together.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It was cold

Went riding with Nate and Hodge this morning (or you could call it riding on the same trail that they were on Ha!) and it was freaking cold. I warmed up fine but, could not control my heart rate today for jack. So I did an hour and headed for the shop. Got alot done before we opened so I felt good about that.

We were slammed today. Phone was ringing off the hook and I was going 4oo mph in 4 directions all day. Vassagos showed up and we have 2 left for sale. Wow! I was hoping to have some stock but, we just can't hold on to these things. Awesome! Good for business. We like it. I'm gonna build a bander for myself to help with my base training (if someone doesn't buy it out fromunda me first). A few gears are nice on the hills when you have heart rate limitations. I got a rigid white bros carbon fork to use. That is a very nice unit I must say. We got an 18 Jabber demo frame. Need to build it up quick and get some folks on it. That will be realy cool.

Sent Hodge off to do the night ride at Yargo just now. He really doesn't know what he is in for I don't think. Ha!! Hes on his new Jabberwoky that we built today. Really freakin cool. He put a double chain setup on it. It looks really neat. Weighs a ton but looks really cool.
Nice eh!!!
I'm glad I have a low hour week this week. I think I need the mental break. Nate said that it was a good idea. He is right. There comes a point after so many hours in base training that you begin to get frustrated with the pace. So the break is nice. I will tell you that I am jonesing to go fast. I think that is why I got frustrated on the trail following those two yahoos this morning. They were keeping a good clip and I was walking the hills. Yikes!!!!!
Shop conversations went something like this today. Hodge - this bike rides like a truck. Me - get fit by Eddie. Hodge - this bike rides like a truck. Me - the geometry is different and you can't just swap your parts over from your IF. Hodge - I just feel weird on the bike. Me...... you get the point. So we are headed to 55nine tomorrow morning to get setup on our new rides. It makes such a difference. It is really hard for us to setup our bike now because we are so used to building our own personal bikes and setting them up a certain way. So we build one up for ourselves and take a stab and setting it up like Eddie would and it never turns out right. Eddie is the man. So we'll build them and let him dial em. I mean if you want to be comfortable and have a great bike we can do that easy. We can even make you go fast and be comfortable. What we can't do is get you dialed, and juice your legs for all they got. You want that, you go see EDDIE AND NAM!!!
So my littlest one Gracie (we call here GG) is talking more. It is awesome. She also made the next step towards using the facilities. Very nice!! My oldest (Emma) is going thru another quiet stage. It is interesting watching them grow. They go thru so many changes in a week. No wonder we are crazy by the time we grow up. I mean they grow so fast that half the time they are running into walls and objects because their bodies are changing too fast for their brains to keep up with their balance points. Very, strange. Anyway, I love the little critters and wouldn't trade em for nothin.
Dad has been happy lately. That makes me happy. I'm glad to see him havin hope for the future and what might lay ahead. He has had a crap load of hard times in his life for the most part and things are getting really good for him so he's excited about it. The govment is supposed to step up soon and give him his due disability money and man he is gonna be like a teenager let off the lease in a night club. If you ever get a chance to meet POP count yourself a true friend of mine. If I trust you enough to introduce you too him that means that I know you won't run off offended. Ha!! He's a great man but, he will slap your ass if you step outta line. Thats why we get along so well I guess. Something about the same mold.
I hope Hodge is freezing his butt off on the night ride right now. Just thougt I would throw that in there!!
So I have the greatest wife on the planet for those of you that don't know that yet. Yep, she is the best one. I found her and forced her to marry me. She spent 2 hours on the phone today to fix my internet connection just because she new that I would pull the rest of my hair out if I had to do it. The computer would end up in the yard and I would get arrested for running naked thru the neighborhood with a wiskey bottle in one hand and a gun in the other. She does alot for me. Keeps me together she does. Without her I would not know who or where I am. Seriously, she is the light that God sent me when I asked for a miracle.
Ahem! Enough sappy rumblings. Bad for me image they are.
Drink more beer,

Monday, December 03, 2007


Man we had some fun at the addictive party that Ashley and Kelly put on. I agree with Hodge. I really like these people. It's nice to have a bunch of fun people to hang out with that don't stress you out. I'll refrain from poking fun at em today and you can read Hodgies blog for the details. Lets just say that I hope we all hang together and keep having fun. Oh, and that Hodged gained 5 pounds from it. Ha!!!!

Here it is ladies. Don't tell Marty I put it out here or she will KILL me.... and nobody likes dead Codys.

3/4 cup butter softened
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1/4 cup molasses
2 teaspoons soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1/2 teaspoon cloves
2 1/2 cups all purpose flour

3/4 cup powdered sugar
1 tablespoon butter softened
1 tablespoon whole milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Heat oven to 350 F. Grease cookie sheets. In a large bowl combine butter, sugar, egg and mole asses. Mix. Blend in remaining ingredients. Divide dough into 6 portions. Shape each part into a 12 inch roll on prepared cookie sheet; flatten slightly.Brush roll tops with water; sprinkle lightly with sugar. Bake at 350 f for 12-15 minutes or until brown. Cool 5 minutes. Cut diagonally into 3/4 inch bars. Do not separate. Cool completely. Spoon glaze over bars after they have cooled. Present however you like. There it is..... Have fun with it.

I'll announce our Christmas party here soon.

Ok. I gotta run from my wife now........