Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Almost forgot I had a blog

So it has been a minute since I wrote anything here. I get kinda fed up from time to time so I shutdown alot of stuff. Been that kind of 2 weeks for me. Not sure what triggers it but, I just get the "I don't want to cope with all this crap" thing going on. Anyway, here I am.

Took 3 days off from the shop while the wife has been outta town..... I got my kids to take care of, me training to fit in and I am feeling it. This weather shift has affected me. Been feeling like a cold is coming on. Kinda weird for a guy that doesn't usually get sick. I think all the riding I have been doing has been keeping me run down and I am more apt to catch something. Nice! Yet another benefit of BASE training. Well, I got 4 more weeks of this crap and I will be off the leassh. So far it has done nothing but put me in the dumps attitude wise. I feel slow, fat, and generally pissed off. It is really great you should try it. Ha!!!!! I will be faster for it though so I gotta man up and finish it.

The shop has been crazy lately. We are over run with repairs that seem to not make us any money. I'm not sure how that happens. Repairs are free money. Between warranties and over discounting most folks that come thru the door we are gonna be in the poor house. We keep pulling it out though. To top it off this is a cutthroat business and anyone else with a bike shop seems to hate us. Nice! just the way I like it. Means we are a threat....... Damn right!

Keeping it short today. Gotta go ride my motorcycle. Riding my moto clears my head and makes me feel free. 5 bucks in gas and I can go almost anywhere. Maintenance is nill and I cant carry any excess baggage. Sweet!! The only thing better will be when me pop gets his ride and we can go riding together.



Blogger velomech said...

We're gonna be fine, bro.Now tell everybody how AWESOME MY BIKE RIDES!!!!!!!!!!!


5:20 AM  

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