Monday, December 17, 2007


I haven't figured out why but, all my life I have reached into a ream of saltines and always pulled out an even number of crackers. Weird~~ I grew up on whole milk and crackers. Probably why I prefer salt over sugar most of the time. To this day I jones for Milk and crackers. The saltines have to be crunchy not stale and the milk has to be whole and fresh. Man I almost prefer that over beer....ALMOST! These are the type of details that I toil over day in and day out. I know, I am a freak and the little crap weighs heavier on my mind that it should but, I tend to notice things that most people do not. Call it a tortured artist scenario, or OCD, or just plain picky. The weird thing is that I did not grow up privelaged or coddled. I still turned out to be picky about certain things. Some stuff I could care less about but, the little pesky stupid shit drives me crazy. CRAZY!! Can any of you relate or am I alone in this? For the most part I'm cool about stuff but, there are a few things that I just cannot solve. Like the cracker thing. What is that all about? Yep, there are plenty of other things that I won't mention because you all would think I am nuts. Also I cannot figure out why I don't have a favorite color. For most of the time I pick black but, it depends on the day and the subject matter. Ask any normal run of the mill person and they will give you a standard blue or green or maybe even a red. No not me, I gotta make it difficult. I'm really not being difficult that is just how I am. Why did I bring this interesting characteristic up? Well, that is for you to toil over. Just let me paint this little picture for you. We get a delivery at the shop today from Cannondale. I look at the box and figure it is a frame. I did not order anything I figure it is a team deal that Wiley shipped to da shop. So I sign for it. Hours later I cut the invoice off the box and it reads one box of 14 red caad 9 frames. I think...that is weird I only got one box. Oh well, the rest must be in transit. Later on I open the one box and find a old colnago zipped tied to a piece of cardboard and the on the cardboard there are notes with arrows pointing to different parts of the frame. One say cracked top tube. Another says broken head tube. So I'm looking at this thing thinking what in the mountain of baby diapers is this thing doing in our shop shipped from cannondale? Are we a colnago dealer? NO. do we handle Colnago warranties? NO. Why in the hell did Cannondale ship me a broken colnago frame? So I call Cannondale. We go over the whole thing and the lady tells me that she has no idea about any of it. So............This must be an evil prank from the devil to taunght my psychie because I will think about this damn situation for days trying to figure it out. I take the frame out of the box and look it over. Yep it is broken, yep its a Colnago, yep I am in the fing twilight zone..........

So, it was slammed in the shop today. I worked my ass off all day and didn't get one repair completed. I got one huffy mostly done and it took me all day. No, I'm not complaining, just contrasting the type of day it was. After cleaning the shop a little so I could find the tools that I needed to do actual work I spent the morning answering phone calls and emails between working on the huffy and staring at a damn Colnago frame expecting it to change into a Cannondale or tell me its little story. I even started talking to this damn thing. I figured what the hell. It was a weird enough situation.

So base training is something that coaches inflict on athletes to test their mental game. Turns out that most of the athletes freak out and start seeing things. CRAP!!!! I have relegated myself to the trainer this week for a change. GET that a CHANGE ON THE TRAINER. Trainers are for crazy people that like to sit in one place and beat their head into the wall. Base training is like getting pecked to death by ducks. Geeeezuuusss!!! I have gained alot of respect for the pros if they actualy do this type of training. I'm starting to think that Nate and Hodge are just fing with me and laughing silently to see if I can actually complete 8 weeks of this crap. Well I can and I will. Maybe, I actually am in a coma and none of this is happening. Or maybe all of you are in comas and I am just one of the people that you see and read about in a stupid blog.......

One week till chirstmas. Hurry up and go buy the inventory at Addictive cycles!! Ha! Ride your bike. Drink your beer and have a good holiday.



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