Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It was cold

Went riding with Nate and Hodge this morning (or you could call it riding on the same trail that they were on Ha!) and it was freaking cold. I warmed up fine but, could not control my heart rate today for jack. So I did an hour and headed for the shop. Got alot done before we opened so I felt good about that.

We were slammed today. Phone was ringing off the hook and I was going 4oo mph in 4 directions all day. Vassagos showed up and we have 2 left for sale. Wow! I was hoping to have some stock but, we just can't hold on to these things. Awesome! Good for business. We like it. I'm gonna build a bander for myself to help with my base training (if someone doesn't buy it out fromunda me first). A few gears are nice on the hills when you have heart rate limitations. I got a rigid white bros carbon fork to use. That is a very nice unit I must say. We got an 18 Jabber demo frame. Need to build it up quick and get some folks on it. That will be realy cool.

Sent Hodge off to do the night ride at Yargo just now. He really doesn't know what he is in for I don't think. Ha!! Hes on his new Jabberwoky that we built today. Really freakin cool. He put a double chain setup on it. It looks really neat. Weighs a ton but looks really cool.
Nice eh!!!
I'm glad I have a low hour week this week. I think I need the mental break. Nate said that it was a good idea. He is right. There comes a point after so many hours in base training that you begin to get frustrated with the pace. So the break is nice. I will tell you that I am jonesing to go fast. I think that is why I got frustrated on the trail following those two yahoos this morning. They were keeping a good clip and I was walking the hills. Yikes!!!!!
Shop conversations went something like this today. Hodge - this bike rides like a truck. Me - get fit by Eddie. Hodge - this bike rides like a truck. Me - the geometry is different and you can't just swap your parts over from your IF. Hodge - I just feel weird on the bike. Me...... you get the point. So we are headed to 55nine tomorrow morning to get setup on our new rides. It makes such a difference. It is really hard for us to setup our bike now because we are so used to building our own personal bikes and setting them up a certain way. So we build one up for ourselves and take a stab and setting it up like Eddie would and it never turns out right. Eddie is the man. So we'll build them and let him dial em. I mean if you want to be comfortable and have a great bike we can do that easy. We can even make you go fast and be comfortable. What we can't do is get you dialed, and juice your legs for all they got. You want that, you go see EDDIE AND NAM!!!
So my littlest one Gracie (we call here GG) is talking more. It is awesome. She also made the next step towards using the facilities. Very nice!! My oldest (Emma) is going thru another quiet stage. It is interesting watching them grow. They go thru so many changes in a week. No wonder we are crazy by the time we grow up. I mean they grow so fast that half the time they are running into walls and objects because their bodies are changing too fast for their brains to keep up with their balance points. Very, strange. Anyway, I love the little critters and wouldn't trade em for nothin.
Dad has been happy lately. That makes me happy. I'm glad to see him havin hope for the future and what might lay ahead. He has had a crap load of hard times in his life for the most part and things are getting really good for him so he's excited about it. The govment is supposed to step up soon and give him his due disability money and man he is gonna be like a teenager let off the lease in a night club. If you ever get a chance to meet POP count yourself a true friend of mine. If I trust you enough to introduce you too him that means that I know you won't run off offended. Ha!! He's a great man but, he will slap your ass if you step outta line. Thats why we get along so well I guess. Something about the same mold.
I hope Hodge is freezing his butt off on the night ride right now. Just thougt I would throw that in there!!
So I have the greatest wife on the planet for those of you that don't know that yet. Yep, she is the best one. I found her and forced her to marry me. She spent 2 hours on the phone today to fix my internet connection just because she new that I would pull the rest of my hair out if I had to do it. The computer would end up in the yard and I would get arrested for running naked thru the neighborhood with a wiskey bottle in one hand and a gun in the other. She does alot for me. Keeps me together she does. Without her I would not know who or where I am. Seriously, she is the light that God sent me when I asked for a miracle.
Ahem! Enough sappy rumblings. Bad for me image they are.
Drink more beer,


Blogger Namrita O'Dea said...

I'm thinking about a geared bike as well for training...but I think I'm going to go the 'cross bike route..so I can ride it on gravel roads and easier trails.

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