Sunday, December 16, 2007

Music Snob?

OK Hodge, you are building up some real smack talk as of late. You forget that most of the people you smack talk live pretty far away from you and don't work in the same building every day. I'm pretty easy going most of the time but, you also forget that I can go off on you like no body else. Don't make me kick your ass and put pics on my blog so all your Buddy's can laugh. Music Snob? You are the one sending your kids to Hannah Montana concerts.....We will see who is scared of the dark my friend.......... Stop Hating on me punk!!!!

Disclaimer: For those of you that do not know us, we joke around alot so don't take offense. As for Hodge you can kiss it.

It is nice and cold today. Won't be riding my bike in this stuff. Gotta go do some family stuff anyway. Someone in the family will make sugar cookies every year and we all come together and decorate them. Fun for the kids and it gets the whole family together. I used to really hate it but, I've kinda been taken in by watching all different personalities collide. Kinda fun. We have all the same type of stuff going on that most families do. A couple of the women secretly hate one another and do nothing but, complain and moan until they get together and then they are best friends. Of course these are the two that are most active in church. This makes it impossible for me to have any loving healthy conversation with them because they know more than I do about God in their opinion......Go figure.... I've resolved myself to just keep praying for them and let God work on them in the outer court. Most of the men are just there to keep their wives happy and the kids seem oblivious all the while learning how to behave like their parents. Its just beautiful. Mix in a bunch of selfishly motivated conversation and generally superficial commentary and you have a perfect picture of what the day will be like today. In truth, it used to tear my stomach out but, I realized that none of this had anything to do with me so I might as well enjoy myself and do my best to be positive. I try to love most of them and my kids are everything to me. So I can donate a few hours of my life to put up with these people for the common good that comes out of it.

Well, gotta go get the kids from moms house. She borrowed them for the weekend to catch up on play time she missed while she was outta town. I missed them but, it was nice to have a few quiet hours for a day.



Blogger cornfed said...

Snappin' photos of an ass kicked Hodge is a must. Perfect idea for x-mas cards.

Can't wait to see my new training wheels and Shirley/Surly mouth guard.

-The Hoff

10:17 AM  

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