Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The night train

Last nights night ride was awesome. I had a really great time. It is nice to know that there are so many insane people out there to hang with. It was in the low 30s and we still had 10 people show. Awesome!! We got in about 1/4 of a mile and Hodges rear skewer broke in half. I'm sure he will go on about it and about how it was his power and leg strength or something. Nope! He is just using a bad combination of broken parts and trying to make them work. PPPPPP comes to mind. And so he headed back to the lot with Jay to do a repair and come backwards to meet us. The rest of us pushed on. The pace was perfect. I only came close to redline a couple of times and just for a bit so I can say that I stayed in in my training plan. We talked alot stopped alot and enjoyed the new reroute sections of the trail. All in all a really good time. I will say that nobody was really cutting up like we normally do. Must have been too cold....

Had to get my blood taken by the Doctor vampires today. Normal routine stuff but, I got to witness something terrible. Things were going as well as they can before you get stabbed with a needle. I was sitting there and a mother with a 4 year old boy comes in and sits down. Turns out the little boy had to get his blood taken as well. I think to myself crap!!! This kid is gonna freak out. He seems fairly calm so I smile at him and get ready for the little prik they alway warn you about. I always look right at it when they stick me. Not sure why but, it makes it better for me. So she sticks me and I look at the kid and smile to reassure him that its all good. He is sitting in his mothers lap and he turns to her and asks, "is it gonna hurt Mommy"? And there it is. The terrible thing. She smiles and says no it will be just fine. He turns around and sticks out his arm like a man and looks at me. I keep smiling as the blood is running out of my arm into the bucket in the floor. The nurse wraps the rubber band around the little mans arm and prepares the arm for the stab. The kid is still calm when the nurse sticks him. He immediately starts to cry. But, it is not a scream or a shriek, more like a deep hearted let down kind of tears running down his cheeks. My heart sinks and I suck it up cause I just realzed what happened. The nurse finishes her job on him and he turns to his Mommy and says, "Mommy you lied to me it did hurt". He continues to weep.. She looks at me and I can't help but, see it in her face. I just added another brick in the wall between me and my son....................... Tell the truth people. Don't sugar coat stuff. Let your yes be yes and your no be no and for heavens sake don't lie to your kids. So I realize that I am getting dizzy and look at the nurse and say are you done with me? She shutters and says, oh I'm sorry. She was in a daze watching what just happend as well was I. She wraps it up and hands me "the cup". She says fill it up to here pointing at the line. I think to myself right. Nobody told me that I needed to come loaded. I fasted, rested and ate properley but, I took a leak before I got there. Crap!! So I go into the bathroom and squeeze a few drops out and put the cup in the hole in the wall. I made it out alive....Whew! I gotta go back for the doctor to do his thing on me later today and make me feel completely violated. Doctors are homos and I don't like em. Yea, right. They are just keeping you healthy. Whatever........

It is my day off and I'm gonna try not to go into the shop. Hodge yelled at me yesterday and told me not to come. I'm gonna make an effort but, I'm feeling weak. I just get so out of the loop in one day. It is amazing what can happen around that place in a day. Anyway, I will probably stop by and make sure all is well and get some lunch around 2:30 ish.

I have a custom set of Industry Nine 29er MTB wheels for sale if anyone wants em. I've been riding em. They gots about 150 miles on em or so. They are really nice. Peweter hubs and spokes with the stans arch rims. I'll take 800.00 for them . They retail for 1200 so its a good deal. Call the shop if you want them.

Well, gotta go back to the Doc.



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