Monday, January 28, 2008

Sram Red

Quick Note: Items of interest

I've got two full Grouppos in stock. If you want Sram Red you betta call me asap.

Also I've got 2 KHS solo one se 29ers on the way. These will blow out at 550 bucks. Nice!

I got a Small OD-1 built up as a single speed for 550 bucks.

Nice. Ok, back to building the 500 sets of wheels for the week


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday morning and back on the bike

Been off the bike for a week and I haven't ridden that much this past month. Just burned out I guess. Nothing to do when that happens but, take some time off. So, my mental stability is coming back around and I rode my trainer this morning. I actually enjoyed it. Got myself a new Kurt Kinetic rock and roll trainer. Man, it is the bomb. I love this thing. It is very realistic and the pro flywheel is awesome. It takes forever to coast down. Very nice! You can actually miss a few pedal strokes and not have to sprint to get the trainer back up to speed.

Here at da shop today. It is fun watching eveyone salivate over the Sram red group we have in to build Pauls bike. This group is sick. The rear cassette is a mastery of machine work. I can't wait to build it up and check it out. It is supa light and kewl looking. I hope the front shifter trim works good.

So, care bear came in last night. Brought some puppy chow to help Hodgie with the 10 puppies and his redneck status. Thanks Care Bear!We will be including a free puppy with the next few tune ups here at the shop. So rush in and get one while they are hot!! So, care bears' road bike will explode sometime soon so when you are riding with him keep your distance. Geez. People, that train and race like "we" do should have their bikes overhauled at least 2 times a year. Racing is expensive I know but, if you crash and break your collar bone, or worse, that will cost alot more than an overhaul. Please, keep your bikes maintained. So, I went over his bikes and he should be good for a bit. They were not that bad, I'm just raggin him for fun. Care Bear is good people so give him a pat on the back the next time you see him. Thanks Care bear!!

My bro Matt is here this morning helping me out. He does that alot. Everyone should have a Matt. He is awesome. Always there helping out, expecting nothing in return. Really love that guy. He is currently vacuuming the shop with his son Jack. Jack is a little over a year old and gets into everything. It is cute to watch sometimes....

Well, gotta get to work. Hopefully, you didn't get this far reading this crap. If you did, get a life. The last thing you need to be worrying about is what my blog says.!!!


Monday, January 21, 2008

Thomson Day Measure of a man

Well, if the measure of a man is expressed by how many quality people show up in his honor at an event no matter what the cost.... Then Ronnie Thomson is a true American winner. Mud, Rain, sleet, wind, 33degrees, cold, wet,and miserable.... and the hardcore still came out to show some respect. They raced their bikes in the worst conditions I have seen in a long time, all in honor of Ronnie Thomson. Not for a trophy or some free product but, for the right to say, yes I was there and I honored someone that honored me by making my life better. Thats right, damn the torpedoes. I'm goin anyway. Yes, I may die of hypothermia or mud poisoning but, it is for my friend. My friend that cared enough about what I am into to make it a better thing to do. I personally have enjoyed many a ride on a Thomson seatpost or stem and I gotta tell ya that when someone comes in our shop and asks for the best seatpost or stem that won't break that they can get, I give em a Thomson and have since 96. For all that showed up, good on ya and for the rest well......time for a priority evaluation.... I hope your ridin a Thomson seatpost or stem bitch...... This country was founded on zeal for the free and right thing to do. RIP Ronnie Thomson we will remeber you when we ride out bikes.

Be your best, if it is not good enough, support someone better.........Code Red

Addictive Cycles out.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy B day Hodge!!

Yea, he will act like a girl at the fact that I am advertising this but, I don't care. So today is Hodgies B-day so be sure to call him up and rag on him for getting old. Yea, he is pretty quick on the bike for an old guy. Ha! I bet all this weather is hurting his joints. He probably is having a hard time reading this due to his poor old man vision. Ha! So jump on the wagon and poke some fun. Not too hard though, I wouldn't want him to bust a hip. LOL!!!!hahaha!!!!omg!!!haha!!!!

And that was fun.....

Went riding yesterday at Yargo with the old man and Nate, Eric, Billy, Jay and his badass son Logan. Wow that hurt. I felt ok I guess. We were moving along pretty quick so I can't complain too much. Pretty, much all of us ended up chasing Nate around. Not that we can really catch him or anything but, there is something fun about chasing a pro around on your own turf. I had to remind myself that he is supposed to be way faster than us and that it is ok if you can't catch him until he stops to wait on you. Ha!!! It was cold as a mutha out there too. I was warm as long as I was moving on the bike. When we stopped I started to get icicles on my nose. Geez!! Hence the snow last night and this am I guess.

Don't forget about Thompson day this weekend. Hodge will be going down. I don't think I'm gonna make it. I don't feel right about asking Mike (with the broken collar bone) to work all day by himself in the shop. I'm sure he would be fine but, if he got to feelin bad and had to tuff it out cause of me I would feel really bad and his wife Stacey would kick my ass. So, I gotta see if I can get down there. Anyway, ya'll need to go. It will be a big party and lots of fun will be had. Bruce D will even be there making an ass outta himself on the mic. That is always fun. Bruce is pretty fun most of the time unless he's raggin on you for being last in a race while you are bleeding outta your face or something. HA!!!!

Hodge is old!!

My kids had fun last night playing in the snow. I let them stay up and go out to make some snow balls. Kids are awesome. Mine are still little so they still like me. They are so cute and seem to really enjoy the little stuff like kids do. I love playing with them and watching them learn and observe stuff. Really cool!! GG cold really cold and started crying. The wife and I could figure out what was going on so I took her inside and her little hand were frozen. Man I felt bad. She had mittens on but, it was wet out and they just got cold faster than I expected. So I stripped her down and installed fresh dry warm clothes and she was good. She is not talking yet (except when she decides to out something) but, I knew she was happy that I figured it out. She gave me a big hug as if to say thank you for saving my life. Ha! It was really cute. The older one stayed out with mommy for a bit and then came in. She didn't seem to care that it was cold out.

Well, I can't sit around spouting all day. I gots work to do.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Good people still exist

Whew! What a rip roaring week last week. Not as much riding as I needed but, I got alot of other stuff done and had some fun doing other things. Rode Yargo Yesterday and it was a slimey mudhole. I kept expecting to see Yoda peek his head out from behind a spaceship somewhere and tell me a wise thing or two. So, Hodge, myself, and Mr Krista rode the first lap at a moderate pace. I wanted to go slower than they did but, it was still ok and I was able to keep the rev limiter in check. We hit the parking lot and met up with the Dedicated Athlete guys and there went the pace. Geez! I held on for a 1/4 of a mile or so and decided to let them go, cause I didn't want them to feel bad when I went by em. Ha! Whatever right!

Sometimes people surprise you. Ya, know I'm not usually a negative person however, I have learned over time that people are people and they will let you down. Of course that is ok, we are all human and shit happens. No biggie. Well, I had someone actually come back to me in da shop and apologize to me for something and admit that they were wrong. Snap! That was just freakin amazing. I don't hold grudges typically so I had already forgotton about it anyway. It is just really nice when someone steps up and does that.

So anyway. I gave the Hodge the day off and I am taking some time to write here today. I've been slammed and really need to be working but, Hey whatever right. The shop is clean and I'm feeling good about the week.

Cracker was T boned by the cops over in Dacula. So if you do any drivin over there keep a look out for the pokey. He and Stacey were over that way and got set upon by the cop car. She is ok from what I hear and Mike has a broken collar bone. Its not a big deal to here about a cyclist with a broken collar bone, but most do it on the bike.

Really, stinks when someone passes away. Especially, when it is someone that really supports things that you are into. We lost Mr Thompson and that really sucks. That dude really supported the cycling community. I did not personally know him but, I have spent plenty of time with his parts supporting me. R.I.P Ronnie Thompson.

Ahem!! and so another week. Life is good peeps so go out and enjoy it!!

See you on the trail,

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What a day

Ya know, our bike shop has a vortex in it. Sometimes I am amazed at the work we turn out in a day. We are working along for half a day at a moderate pace and boom. It is like people rush the door and we are so busy we can't find our ass with both hands and a search party. It is really awesome how that happens. I love it! Today was a day like that. We were drifting along nicely and all of a sudden bam!! We are fixing bikes and answering the phone evey 10 seconds, eating lunch and takin orders. Yikes! It is awesome. If you are ever at Addictive and you see this happen, grab a burn and sit back and feel it. Pretty cool thing to see I am sure. All along Hodge and I are going at each other like a couple of brothers buckin for a place in line.

So we got the 16inch vassago built up. It turned out awesome. This is the last olive drab Jabberwoky. Hand built wheels and all the fixins. Come check this thing out. I'm really proud at how good it turned out. We also have one large OD-1 left. It has been banging around the shop and we found it again yesterday. It is brand new and ready to build into a punk ass Single speed. This one is gonna be special. Last of the mohicans.

We had a bunch of folks in da shop today. Eric, Billy, Heath, Scottish John, Kelly bear, and the list goes on. Everyone spent some of their hard earned cash too. Nice! We appreciate your business!!

I'm gonna ride out from my house Saturday Morning to the Jittery Joes ride and do the ride and then ride back. So if anyone wants to meet up some where let me know.

Here is some truth for ya:

Bikes are fun.
Good fitting shoes are like morphine....painless
If you think about your saddle while you are riding it is probably not the right one for you.
Hodge is the best mechanic around second only to me of course.
A custom IF is inspiring.
Beer is the best recovery drink.
Bike parts are like doesn't really relate to quality.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Chicopee night ride Wed night

Ok. So were gonna hit the chicopee night ride this week because Yargo is closed. Charge your lighths and be there on time as they will lock you out. Starts at 6:30pm sharp. We got to behave on this ride so come out and have some fun but, don't ride naked or anything like that....

I'm gonna hit the road from the shop today at 2ishpm if anyone wants to hit it with me. about 2 hours or so. I'm in transition so that means that I can attack a hill or two for a minute or two. Nice. Can't wait for that.

From what I can tell Mattycakes pushed Al into a tree and smashed his face up. Darn dude. Work on your passing skills. Ha! Al says he is ok and that the doc says they can take care of him. Hope they can make him prettier....

Whew! Worked my butt off the past few days here at the shop so I can't wait to get on my bike and forget about this place for a day or so.

Sweet, see you on da trail.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Odea pain train

Note:Yargo will be close Han 7th and 8th. We may do the night ride on thursday instead.

And so it goes. I rode with the Odeas at Yargo today and it was awesome. They took it easy on me so I could hang with them and not feel bad about being slow. The weather was a perfect 65ish degrees and they were still doing base. So I figured I could hang on to them for at least a mile or two. I felt great and pretty much stayed in my heart rate zone most of the way. Nice! I'm still feeling heavy but, I can tell that I am more fit this time than I was last year. Thats good news. Anyway, I pedaled a lap before they got there and did a lap with them and took off to hang with the family. Yes, the Odeas are fast. We were the Vassago army out there today. Three of us with our wierd looking setups. Hey it works and it is fun when people look at you like you are disfigured when you ride by. Ha!

Man, Hodges head will be big this week. Crap! I'm really proud that he did so well but, now I gotta put up with more of his trash talking. Geez. Like I don't have to hear it enough. Hows it going fatty? I could beat you with one leg and that sort of stuff. I usually look at him funny and he shuts up for a second or two. Well, he is fast so I gotta give it to ya bro. You kicked ass!! I new my wheels would make you into a rocket ship. Ha!!!

Got alot done at da shop Saturday while hodge was racing. We moved everything around and cleaned some more in preparation for all the new inventory. We got lots of new stuff coming in, so I will be working my ass off to get it up and priced this week. We are thinking about setting Nate up some space to do the Lt testing and fitting that he has going on. It will be tight but I think we can manage.

MTB Jerseys are finalized and should be here in the next month. Still waiting on the team frames. Vassagos are hot right now. We get lots of questions about them evey week. They will be available soon peeps. Hang in there with us.

Nate says that I will be let off my leash next week so I got to chill this week and ride less and eat right. Sweet! I get to go fast soon. I cannot wait for it. I am so sick of riding slow right now. I need the harder efforts to make my mind stay interested in the volume. Still gotta work on my diet though. It seems to be the hardest part for me. I spent so much time lifting weights and eating like a jar head that it is tough for me to restrict myself the way that I need to.

Don't forget about thompson day eveyone. See you there!!!
Come see us soon,

Friday, January 04, 2008

It Holler dude!

So Jay came in today and we talked about going ridin. I really wanted to go and had planned to go somewhere. So we made it the college because its easy to get to and you can ride it fast. So he left to get some stuff done and we would meet up and throw down on that little piece of trail. Well, I got caught in the vortex of the shop as usual and did not get to ride. Hodgie left me for a bit and I got some stuff done before he got back. I hate it when I don't get to ride my bike. I just don't feel right when that happens. It is my own fault but, hey the shop usually benefits in some way when that happens. Oh, Jays Last name is Holler not fowler like Hodge said it was. Just for the record....... HOLLER. Is that like yell or whoop or something?

So we had a good week here at Addictive. We are building a bizzillion sets of wheels and Vassago frames. Nice! Maybe, we can actually make some money on this stuff. Ha!

Matt is on his way up tonight to hang out and get us drunk I am sure. That ought to be fun. For some reason we tend to drink when he is around. Maybe it is because he brings beer with him when he comes. YIkes! Not complaining or anything but, it makes it hard to stick to your training plan the next day. ha!

Lots of people in today. C Baily, Shey Shey, Jay, Matt, etc. I like it when folks come in and visit.

I'm ridin outta da shop on the road tomorrow around noon if anyone wants to ride when it is warm. Hodge is doing the Snake on my wheels tomorrow. So if he gets a good time its because he rode my wheels.

Have a good weekend

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Jan 1 First ride of the year

It was nice. Went to Chicopee with Big Willie and Crazy Eyes. We had a great ride. Nice pace, not too hard and not too easy. I did the lake loop while waiting on them and we all did the red loop and outer loop. It wasn't as cold as it felt when we got started. I actually got hot in this new Craft base layer that I bought. I like these things. They breathe well and keep you really warm.

The Bandersnatch is awesome! Rides just like the Jabberwoky but with gears. Imagine that. I am running the white brothers carbon fork and its pretty nice as well. The whole bike weighs 23 lbs with a 1x9!! That is freakin awesome for a steel bike. Anyway, I feel really at home on these bikes. I am clearing more obstacles and techy stuff than I usually do. I am just setup right. My setup looks really crazy (this is how Eddy configured me) but, it just works!! Anyway, really great start to the new year.

Gonna be in the shop tomorrow for inventory. We are not open so don't come by wanting in unless you bring beer with you!! I got most of the shop cleaned up but, we have some more work to do. Gotta order in lots of new stuff for yall to buy and keep us open for another year... We are making some changes in da shop so be sure to stop in soon and check it out.

I got Mike adding a store on our website for single speed bits. So you will be able to get your cogs and the sort in the mail Addictive style. This will help save gas. Nice!! We will see how it goes and we may add more stuff after that. I don't like this technology thing. I prefer the face to face thing but, with all the busy lives sometimes mail order is just easier for the cusotmer I guess.

Well, see you around this year.