Monday, January 14, 2008

Good people still exist

Whew! What a rip roaring week last week. Not as much riding as I needed but, I got alot of other stuff done and had some fun doing other things. Rode Yargo Yesterday and it was a slimey mudhole. I kept expecting to see Yoda peek his head out from behind a spaceship somewhere and tell me a wise thing or two. So, Hodge, myself, and Mr Krista rode the first lap at a moderate pace. I wanted to go slower than they did but, it was still ok and I was able to keep the rev limiter in check. We hit the parking lot and met up with the Dedicated Athlete guys and there went the pace. Geez! I held on for a 1/4 of a mile or so and decided to let them go, cause I didn't want them to feel bad when I went by em. Ha! Whatever right!

Sometimes people surprise you. Ya, know I'm not usually a negative person however, I have learned over time that people are people and they will let you down. Of course that is ok, we are all human and shit happens. No biggie. Well, I had someone actually come back to me in da shop and apologize to me for something and admit that they were wrong. Snap! That was just freakin amazing. I don't hold grudges typically so I had already forgotton about it anyway. It is just really nice when someone steps up and does that.

So anyway. I gave the Hodge the day off and I am taking some time to write here today. I've been slammed and really need to be working but, Hey whatever right. The shop is clean and I'm feeling good about the week.

Cracker was T boned by the cops over in Dacula. So if you do any drivin over there keep a look out for the pokey. He and Stacey were over that way and got set upon by the cop car. She is ok from what I hear and Mike has a broken collar bone. Its not a big deal to here about a cyclist with a broken collar bone, but most do it on the bike.

Really, stinks when someone passes away. Especially, when it is someone that really supports things that you are into. We lost Mr Thompson and that really sucks. That dude really supported the cycling community. I did not personally know him but, I have spent plenty of time with his parts supporting me. R.I.P Ronnie Thompson.

Ahem!! and so another week. Life is good peeps so go out and enjoy it!!

See you on the trail,


Blogger Todd said...

Good times riding with you guys yesterday; thanks for talking me into staying an extra day.

Scott's too fast to be whining about lactic acid so he needs a new tag; I suggest "Cheap-Shot" Scott, as in - "hey, what's that on your shoe?..." crash. Knocked me over 3 times.

6:46 PM  

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