Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy B day Hodge!!

Yea, he will act like a girl at the fact that I am advertising this but, I don't care. So today is Hodgies B-day so be sure to call him up and rag on him for getting old. Yea, he is pretty quick on the bike for an old guy. Ha! I bet all this weather is hurting his joints. He probably is having a hard time reading this due to his poor old man vision. Ha! So jump on the wagon and poke some fun. Not too hard though, I wouldn't want him to bust a hip. LOL!!!!hahaha!!!!omg!!!haha!!!!

And that was fun.....

Went riding yesterday at Yargo with the old man and Nate, Eric, Billy, Jay and his badass son Logan. Wow that hurt. I felt ok I guess. We were moving along pretty quick so I can't complain too much. Pretty, much all of us ended up chasing Nate around. Not that we can really catch him or anything but, there is something fun about chasing a pro around on your own turf. I had to remind myself that he is supposed to be way faster than us and that it is ok if you can't catch him until he stops to wait on you. Ha!!! It was cold as a mutha out there too. I was warm as long as I was moving on the bike. When we stopped I started to get icicles on my nose. Geez!! Hence the snow last night and this am I guess.

Don't forget about Thompson day this weekend. Hodge will be going down. I don't think I'm gonna make it. I don't feel right about asking Mike (with the broken collar bone) to work all day by himself in the shop. I'm sure he would be fine but, if he got to feelin bad and had to tuff it out cause of me I would feel really bad and his wife Stacey would kick my ass. So, I gotta see if I can get down there. Anyway, ya'll need to go. It will be a big party and lots of fun will be had. Bruce D will even be there making an ass outta himself on the mic. That is always fun. Bruce is pretty fun most of the time unless he's raggin on you for being last in a race while you are bleeding outta your face or something. HA!!!!

Hodge is old!!

My kids had fun last night playing in the snow. I let them stay up and go out to make some snow balls. Kids are awesome. Mine are still little so they still like me. They are so cute and seem to really enjoy the little stuff like kids do. I love playing with them and watching them learn and observe stuff. Really cool!! GG cold really cold and started crying. The wife and I could figure out what was going on so I took her inside and her little hand were frozen. Man I felt bad. She had mittens on but, it was wet out and they just got cold faster than I expected. So I stripped her down and installed fresh dry warm clothes and she was good. She is not talking yet (except when she decides to out something) but, I knew she was happy that I figured it out. She gave me a big hug as if to say thank you for saving my life. Ha! It was really cute. The older one stayed out with mommy for a bit and then came in. She didn't seem to care that it was cold out.

Well, I can't sit around spouting all day. I gots work to do.



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