Friday, January 04, 2008

It Holler dude!

So Jay came in today and we talked about going ridin. I really wanted to go and had planned to go somewhere. So we made it the college because its easy to get to and you can ride it fast. So he left to get some stuff done and we would meet up and throw down on that little piece of trail. Well, I got caught in the vortex of the shop as usual and did not get to ride. Hodgie left me for a bit and I got some stuff done before he got back. I hate it when I don't get to ride my bike. I just don't feel right when that happens. It is my own fault but, hey the shop usually benefits in some way when that happens. Oh, Jays Last name is Holler not fowler like Hodge said it was. Just for the record....... HOLLER. Is that like yell or whoop or something?

So we had a good week here at Addictive. We are building a bizzillion sets of wheels and Vassago frames. Nice! Maybe, we can actually make some money on this stuff. Ha!

Matt is on his way up tonight to hang out and get us drunk I am sure. That ought to be fun. For some reason we tend to drink when he is around. Maybe it is because he brings beer with him when he comes. YIkes! Not complaining or anything but, it makes it hard to stick to your training plan the next day. ha!

Lots of people in today. C Baily, Shey Shey, Jay, Matt, etc. I like it when folks come in and visit.

I'm ridin outta da shop on the road tomorrow around noon if anyone wants to ride when it is warm. Hodge is doing the Snake on my wheels tomorrow. So if he gets a good time its because he rode my wheels.

Have a good weekend


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