Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Jan 1 First ride of the year

It was nice. Went to Chicopee with Big Willie and Crazy Eyes. We had a great ride. Nice pace, not too hard and not too easy. I did the lake loop while waiting on them and we all did the red loop and outer loop. It wasn't as cold as it felt when we got started. I actually got hot in this new Craft base layer that I bought. I like these things. They breathe well and keep you really warm.

The Bandersnatch is awesome! Rides just like the Jabberwoky but with gears. Imagine that. I am running the white brothers carbon fork and its pretty nice as well. The whole bike weighs 23 lbs with a 1x9!! That is freakin awesome for a steel bike. Anyway, I feel really at home on these bikes. I am clearing more obstacles and techy stuff than I usually do. I am just setup right. My setup looks really crazy (this is how Eddy configured me) but, it just works!! Anyway, really great start to the new year.

Gonna be in the shop tomorrow for inventory. We are not open so don't come by wanting in unless you bring beer with you!! I got most of the shop cleaned up but, we have some more work to do. Gotta order in lots of new stuff for yall to buy and keep us open for another year... We are making some changes in da shop so be sure to stop in soon and check it out.

I got Mike adding a store on our website for single speed bits. So you will be able to get your cogs and the sort in the mail Addictive style. This will help save gas. Nice!! We will see how it goes and we may add more stuff after that. I don't like this technology thing. I prefer the face to face thing but, with all the busy lives sometimes mail order is just easier for the cusotmer I guess.

Well, see you around this year.



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