Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Odea pain train

Note:Yargo will be close Han 7th and 8th. We may do the night ride on thursday instead.

And so it goes. I rode with the Odeas at Yargo today and it was awesome. They took it easy on me so I could hang with them and not feel bad about being slow. The weather was a perfect 65ish degrees and they were still doing base. So I figured I could hang on to them for at least a mile or two. I felt great and pretty much stayed in my heart rate zone most of the way. Nice! I'm still feeling heavy but, I can tell that I am more fit this time than I was last year. Thats good news. Anyway, I pedaled a lap before they got there and did a lap with them and took off to hang with the family. Yes, the Odeas are fast. We were the Vassago army out there today. Three of us with our wierd looking setups. Hey it works and it is fun when people look at you like you are disfigured when you ride by. Ha!

Man, Hodges head will be big this week. Crap! I'm really proud that he did so well but, now I gotta put up with more of his trash talking. Geez. Like I don't have to hear it enough. Hows it going fatty? I could beat you with one leg and that sort of stuff. I usually look at him funny and he shuts up for a second or two. Well, he is fast so I gotta give it to ya bro. You kicked ass!! I new my wheels would make you into a rocket ship. Ha!!!

Got alot done at da shop Saturday while hodge was racing. We moved everything around and cleaned some more in preparation for all the new inventory. We got lots of new stuff coming in, so I will be working my ass off to get it up and priced this week. We are thinking about setting Nate up some space to do the Lt testing and fitting that he has going on. It will be tight but I think we can manage.

MTB Jerseys are finalized and should be here in the next month. Still waiting on the team frames. Vassagos are hot right now. We get lots of questions about them evey week. They will be available soon peeps. Hang in there with us.

Nate says that I will be let off my leash next week so I got to chill this week and ride less and eat right. Sweet! I get to go fast soon. I cannot wait for it. I am so sick of riding slow right now. I need the harder efforts to make my mind stay interested in the volume. Still gotta work on my diet though. It seems to be the hardest part for me. I spent so much time lifting weights and eating like a jar head that it is tough for me to restrict myself the way that I need to.

Don't forget about thompson day eveyone. See you there!!!
Come see us soon,


Blogger velomech said...

do what he says dude, he will make you faster...That goes for everyone else, Call nate. He's an awesome coach.

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