Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday morning and back on the bike

Been off the bike for a week and I haven't ridden that much this past month. Just burned out I guess. Nothing to do when that happens but, take some time off. So, my mental stability is coming back around and I rode my trainer this morning. I actually enjoyed it. Got myself a new Kurt Kinetic rock and roll trainer. Man, it is the bomb. I love this thing. It is very realistic and the pro flywheel is awesome. It takes forever to coast down. Very nice! You can actually miss a few pedal strokes and not have to sprint to get the trainer back up to speed.

Here at da shop today. It is fun watching eveyone salivate over the Sram red group we have in to build Pauls bike. This group is sick. The rear cassette is a mastery of machine work. I can't wait to build it up and check it out. It is supa light and kewl looking. I hope the front shifter trim works good.

So, care bear came in last night. Brought some puppy chow to help Hodgie with the 10 puppies and his redneck status. Thanks Care Bear!We will be including a free puppy with the next few tune ups here at the shop. So rush in and get one while they are hot!! So, care bears' road bike will explode sometime soon so when you are riding with him keep your distance. Geez. People, that train and race like "we" do should have their bikes overhauled at least 2 times a year. Racing is expensive I know but, if you crash and break your collar bone, or worse, that will cost alot more than an overhaul. Please, keep your bikes maintained. So, I went over his bikes and he should be good for a bit. They were not that bad, I'm just raggin him for fun. Care Bear is good people so give him a pat on the back the next time you see him. Thanks Care bear!!

My bro Matt is here this morning helping me out. He does that alot. Everyone should have a Matt. He is awesome. Always there helping out, expecting nothing in return. Really love that guy. He is currently vacuuming the shop with his son Jack. Jack is a little over a year old and gets into everything. It is cute to watch sometimes....

Well, gotta get to work. Hopefully, you didn't get this far reading this crap. If you did, get a life. The last thing you need to be worrying about is what my blog says.!!!



Blogger mark.d.johnson said...

Thanks Cody and Ryan for tweaking up on my bikes. I rode the NRS yesterday, and the road bike today. Both worked flawless!!!

6:22 PM  

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