Monday, January 21, 2008

Thomson Day Measure of a man

Well, if the measure of a man is expressed by how many quality people show up in his honor at an event no matter what the cost.... Then Ronnie Thomson is a true American winner. Mud, Rain, sleet, wind, 33degrees, cold, wet,and miserable.... and the hardcore still came out to show some respect. They raced their bikes in the worst conditions I have seen in a long time, all in honor of Ronnie Thomson. Not for a trophy or some free product but, for the right to say, yes I was there and I honored someone that honored me by making my life better. Thats right, damn the torpedoes. I'm goin anyway. Yes, I may die of hypothermia or mud poisoning but, it is for my friend. My friend that cared enough about what I am into to make it a better thing to do. I personally have enjoyed many a ride on a Thomson seatpost or stem and I gotta tell ya that when someone comes in our shop and asks for the best seatpost or stem that won't break that they can get, I give em a Thomson and have since 96. For all that showed up, good on ya and for the rest well......time for a priority evaluation.... I hope your ridin a Thomson seatpost or stem bitch...... This country was founded on zeal for the free and right thing to do. RIP Ronnie Thomson we will remeber you when we ride out bikes.

Be your best, if it is not good enough, support someone better.........Code Red

Addictive Cycles out.


Blogger Namrita O'Dea said...

Agreed..but it's "Thomson"...not "Thompson"


7:34 PM  
Blogger Code Red said...

What are you talking bout?

12:28 PM  
Blogger Namrita O'Dea said...

nothin to see here.

5:25 PM  

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