Thursday, January 10, 2008

What a day

Ya know, our bike shop has a vortex in it. Sometimes I am amazed at the work we turn out in a day. We are working along for half a day at a moderate pace and boom. It is like people rush the door and we are so busy we can't find our ass with both hands and a search party. It is really awesome how that happens. I love it! Today was a day like that. We were drifting along nicely and all of a sudden bam!! We are fixing bikes and answering the phone evey 10 seconds, eating lunch and takin orders. Yikes! It is awesome. If you are ever at Addictive and you see this happen, grab a burn and sit back and feel it. Pretty cool thing to see I am sure. All along Hodge and I are going at each other like a couple of brothers buckin for a place in line.

So we got the 16inch vassago built up. It turned out awesome. This is the last olive drab Jabberwoky. Hand built wheels and all the fixins. Come check this thing out. I'm really proud at how good it turned out. We also have one large OD-1 left. It has been banging around the shop and we found it again yesterday. It is brand new and ready to build into a punk ass Single speed. This one is gonna be special. Last of the mohicans.

We had a bunch of folks in da shop today. Eric, Billy, Heath, Scottish John, Kelly bear, and the list goes on. Everyone spent some of their hard earned cash too. Nice! We appreciate your business!!

I'm gonna ride out from my house Saturday Morning to the Jittery Joes ride and do the ride and then ride back. So if anyone wants to meet up some where let me know.

Here is some truth for ya:

Bikes are fun.
Good fitting shoes are like morphine....painless
If you think about your saddle while you are riding it is probably not the right one for you.
Hodge is the best mechanic around second only to me of course.
A custom IF is inspiring.
Beer is the best recovery drink.
Bike parts are like doesn't really relate to quality.



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