Monday, February 04, 2008

Nice day

So a bunch of us (about 16) rode Yargo yesterday at 1pm with the rest of the world. Man, I haven't seen that many people there since the last race. It was packed with new cyclist. Nice! I really like to see so many people out enjoying our wonder sport.

The ride was awesome. I felt great and really had a good time with alot of good friends. Good luck to Ashley Witter, she is moving to Colorado to be an advertising guru or something like that. The trail was really muddy though. We were covered head to toe and we were loving it. I really like the new stuff. Cudos to YABA for hand cutting so much new trail for us to enjoy. We really appreciate all your hard efforts out there.

About half way around the trail the Dedicated Athlete guys caught us and wizzed by. I couldn't help myself. I had to chase em down for a bit. Fortunately we were headed into the new section before the metal bridge so the mud slowed em down. Nice! I was able to catch up for a bit and harrass them. Those guys are fast!! Especially that Tim owens cat. But, you got to watch him cause he will run into your rear derailler. Haha!! I had managed to get around him (not really sure how) and then someone up front did a brake check and bamb. HA! It was pretty funny. Yep, first rate guys they are. Cheers!

So, the shop has been rather busy. Wheel builds, bike builds and the lot. The warm weather is getting people off their cans and out on their bikes. Sweet. I can feel the season coming right around the corner. Hopefully, we will have our Jerseys and bikes soon. It is looking like Mid February is the magic time. Vassagos will start trickling in as well as the Jersey order. Cannondales will be hitting the shop as well. Oh boy! WE are gonna be covered in bikes. Yikes..



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