Monday, March 17, 2008

Heritage Park

Ok. All the real racers showed up and threw down this weekend. All the ones scared of a few tornadoes and inclement weather sat at home and got fatter. BAMB!! How ya like me now?!! The race was awesome. I must have worked on 25 geared bikes the first hour. Only serviced 2 single speeds though. Loose H2O bolts and a gearing change. It was awesome!!!! Muddy, wet, and all the like. I was really impressed at the turnout actually. Tim said that about 85% of the registrations showed up and raced. Hows that for MTB spirit once again. Nice! As for those of you that did not show (you know who you are) well, you are all a bunch of pansies. Proper thanks go out to Steve Ridgeway, Big Chris, Steve Johnston, Kelly Bear, Care Bear (the only dedicated athlete to show) Tim Shroer, and everyone else that came out and raced. Good on ya!

Vassagos?!?!?!?!?? They are actually in the mail. No really. They really are.... I heard it from Kris today. We will get 3 this week and the rest next week. I cannot wait for these to get here. Long time coming. Thanks to all for being patient. Hey, and we will be able to get more if we need em for all you customers that want em.

Happy B-day GG. My littlest turned 2 yesterday. Very cute and cuddly she is. We had a blast of a b-day party with the family. We ate cake and spagetti and overall had a great time. Family is pretty cool most of the time yo!!

The shop is pretty well stocked at this point. It has only taken us a few months but, we got her bustin at the seams. The remodel in our back section is working out awesome. Actually, organized we are. My Bro-inlaw has been pulling some part time hours to help us lately. He does a kick ass job with the show room. I guess all those years he spent working retail thru college are paying off for me. Sweeeet!!

And so it goes... Come out tomorrow night for the road ride so I can kick your arse..

Code Red


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