Saturday, April 19, 2008

Been riding?

Well, I have. I rode my bike 4 times this week. Nice! Yargo with Hodgeomaticbinlabadaad..... That was a good day. Had lots of fun on the new drop ins. Yes, I racked myself 3 times trying to clear the first one. It was still fun though. I can't say I'm happy with my performance on that section yet but, practice makes better right? I rode there yesterday and saw some new stuff again. I am really digging that trail system. Yaba is kicking ass over there. They have a really nice mix of beginner/intermediate stuff with some tuff optional obstacles.

I rode Chicopee Thursday afternoon. Let me say this first. I am really appreciative to have trails to ride on and the guys working that trail system in the trenches over there are as stand up as it gets. We support them in every way. Now....Ahem! I have to admit that I was really disappointed that the creek crossing was flatened and paved. I have been riding that obstacle for a long time and I am disheartend that it is gone. No I won't pontificate about it but, lets just say that Mountain biking is supposed to be hard and a few really difficult obstacles are a nice addition to the sport. We got plenty of beginner trail. Everyone wants to flatten the world. Make things easier so that we are not challenged anymore. Challenges make us strive to do better and improve. Anyway..... I'm going on and I said I wouldn't. Chicopee is a great trail system and I guess that is why Hodge and I go on about it everytime they make it easier. Politics are the bain of the human race.....

Class 11 baby!!! My random sentence for today....

Go ride your bikes and stop reading this crap!!

Vassago update..............Well........We got some.....the team stuff is almost fullfilled......We got some for stock......End of next week we will have a shop demo bike......WE HAVE ONE OPTIMUS TI FOR SALE IN 18". It can be geared (not sure why) or single speed. It has interchangeable drop outs for a very clean setup as a single speed. Every company in the world goes thru growing pains. We are no different nor is Vassago. Demand for these coveted frames has sky rocketed and supply has run short. All I can say is that this is a small company and they are fing awesome. They have a great brand and an awesome attitude about bikes. They are slammed all the time. Nice problem to have. Anyway, we will have a few to sell and more in stock in JUNE. So if you want a Vassago you betta get your butt in the shop and get it. By the way, it would be nice if some folks called them up and encouraged them instead of dogging them out for underestimating the demand. Shit happens to all of us and the last thing we need is for people to piss on us when times are tuff. Feedback is cool. I don't like the colors, or why can't I get my frame, or your sizing chart didn't work for me or whatever. Fine, call em up and let em know. Just don't be an asshole about it.

Question and answer:

Can I have a discount - Do you want half a bike? No, I need to pay my bills and feed my kids.

Will you take beer for payment - Depends on the service. Don't expect $90 bucks in repair to exchange for $15bucks in beer. Sure we take beer, just make sure its and evenish trade....

Can you fix my bike now - Maybe. It depends on what it needs and how many I have ahead of you. 5 min repair......sure.

Where is Scott - Spending time with his Family, riding his bike, he is off today.

Where is Cody - See where is Scott. Ha!

What is class 11 - I can't tell you that. Go ride with us and you might find out.

Who is Sir Richard - Sir Richard is a figment of your imagination.

Why do you ride that rigid single speed - simmer down, you can't handle the truth just now.

Ok, that was fun. Anyway, go ride your bikes. Have fun and don't forget that the world is not out to get you. Life turns and twists and you gotta roll with it. Just like bicycling.

J 3:16

Code Red out!!! Suka!!


Blogger Todd said...

Got my black 18" Jabber together the day after it arrived and it is sweeet. Worth the wait; I'm definitely picky about the colors and had concerns over the pewter I9 spokes but they look amazing on this bike.

One quick ride around the RV park (and down to the trails by the river) and I was hooked; not sure if it's the I9 hub or the SS drive chain but it is smooth and silky and I may never go back to the gears.

10:30 AM  

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