Tuesday, April 01, 2008


(Got your parts Stu) ;)

Snow, rain, 75 degrees, then rain some more. What the hell? Crazyness for sure. We need the rain so I'm not going to complain too much. Just this gloomy crap is not doing anything for a positive motivated mood. Yikes! I need a trip to Jamaica or something. A week on the beach would be nice! Unfortunately, I'm not one to lay around for long so I would probably not get too much relaxing on the beach.

Oh well. Dream on right. Vassagos are still trickling in and out. Just built Dans Jabberwoky and it turned out awesome! All black in true Code Red style. Supa badass. I wish I had some more in here but, that was the last one until the next truck shows up here and brings the minions.

Riding? What is that. Been slammed at the shop and home so I'm spending about 5 hours a week on the bike. It has actually been nice. Somewhat of a break after the 20 hour weeks thru the winter. I'm happy to report that I am getting faster and it doesn't hurt as bad to kill a lap at Chicopee or Yargo. Nice! Thanks Nate.

Good job Addictive Cycles in last weekends sprint racing. Ridgeway is the man. Big Chris scared everyone in his class so bad that they quit and he finished 2nd. Nice!! Big Willie, Kelly Bear, Dave Webster all came out. Good job team guys. No I didn't show up. Catch you at the next one and you betta be ready if your gonna race me....punks!!

Well, betta get to work here. I can't sit around all day blogging. I do have work to do ya know.

Code Red


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