Thursday, July 31, 2008


And so the wife and kids packed up this morning and headed to Amelia Island. Marty has a business meeting there and she is taking the kids and some of our relatives to watch them play on the beach. Nice! One problem though. I can't go. Shit!! We are working the Elberton race this weekend which will be fun and all but, I'd rather be with my fam... However, my life is kick ass and I should not be complaining so I will stop it right now..Humph!!

Well, we almost ran outt the new shirts so I ordered more and they will be here today. Pretty cool that everyone seems to dig on em. I am also getting some embroidered fleeces for fall, winter and spring. Nice! Wow, that sounded like a sales pitch. I am so fing lamo..

One week back from the beach and I need another vacation. Whats up with that crap! I never stop to think that we do so much in our lives. Even most of it is good stuff it still brings stress and wears you out. Hmmm. HTFU Code red.......Right..

Gonna reubuild Waynes wheels today. We built him a supa dope set of MTB rollers and he went out and bent both of them on the same rock that several others bend their wheels on. He calls us up sick! So I said, no worries bro. We will relace them at cost. I think he liked that idea and gave us some really good beer. Nice!! I like folks that appreciate good customer service by giving us good beer.

Well, gotta roll out, eat and get to DA shop yo! I gave Hodge 2 days off so don't call me askin for him or I'll thump your skull for you and then rip your legs off on our next ride together.

Code Red out........Peace and war


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