Monday, August 25, 2008

Last week of summer?

What the hell? That went by fast. We been so busy at the shop I hadn't thought about the fact that fall is like tomorrow or something.

So we have 8 18"Jabberwokys in the shop and 2 16"s. Nice. Funny thing is that the phone was blowing up for these things for months and now that we have em.......crickets! Funny. People are like fish, they are either biting or they are not.. What is even funnier is that I will probably sell all these in one day and the phone will blow up again. Ha! We got some of them fancy adjusters they upgraded to as well. Nice...

I can't wait to ride a mountain bike again. I sold mine as I usually do to someone that wanted it and I have been jonesing for 2 months. I like road bikes and all but, the woods is my thing. Maybe, I'll build one of these Jabbers.

So I think the teams are shaping up well. Gonna, be some fun racin this year. Essentially, the process for the teams will be nice this year. You want to be on it, you go to our site and click a link, purchase a kit by a certain date and bam your on it. Your discounts will be driven by the class you race. If you don't race and want to be on it anyway, well fine. You do the same thing and secure your 10% off for the year. You will get a card with your info on it and such. Really cool. Like a really big club with benefits. I'll keep everyone up to date as this rolls out. Should be real soon.



Blogger Misty said...

Thanks for the Addictive T-shirt!!!! I'm enjoying it. Was good to get out to meet you guys! Well not you - you were working at the SAG station! Cheers!

12:39 PM  
Blogger Code Red said...

No worries chick!

7:56 AM  

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