Thursday, October 09, 2008

Supa Dope

Ok. So our SS kits are here and you are gonna have to fight me to get yours. Holy crap, these things are freaking awesome!!!! I'm gonna have to stop drinking beer and get faster so I can rock this kit the way it deserves. Badass....

Nice to see some rain. We need it fo sho. It should calm down the dust for this weekends dirty spokes race. Yes, I am going, no I'm not racing (I'm drinking beer......again). Stop by and hang out for a bit. It should be real fun.

Well, my coffee press exploded this morning and I burned the shit outta my hand with hot coffee.. Nice! Turns out that when I adjusted my coffee grinder to a finer setting (per a local expert) it clogged up the strainer and when I pressed it boom! Shit! Wasted some fine coffee and burned myself. Hey, at least I get to ride my bike this weekend.

Look out for POPS place on our front page here soon. That will be a barrel of laughs. I'm making a page for Pop and it is gonna be cool yo!

Well... see you tomorrow.


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