Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hey, don't forget this Saturday at Fort Yargo. All of our awesome friends have organized a benefit ride for Hodgie. It will start at high noon and go on until they kick us outta the park for riding naked thru the woods at high rates of speed while drunk. Or something like that.

Pop update: Well he has finally gone off the deep end of the deep end. His old war buddy Eddie is up this week. Geezus Chrissssttt!! As Eddie would say. These two are armed and dangerous. Eddie smokes more Cigars that they can make in a day in cuba and Pop can out drink any of us including Ron White on comedy night....Straight out. I've tried on many accounts to out drink Pop. But, I'm sad to say I must train for many more years before I can hold my shit together like that. Anyway, Eddie might be the craziest person I have ever met. Yep, I like em. I don't think that man takes anything seriously other than his guns and Cigars. Nice!!!! I have been having a good time watching these two all week. Quite the show I must admit. The term Plausable deniability comes to mind.......

Da Shop!! Well, its on fire as usual. I am missing the Hodge exchanges so I call the prick on the regular. What a pain in the neck!! Ha!! I dragged him outta the house the other day and we went to Pops place. He had been off the pain meds for a few days and was in a damn pain coma. Didn't want to go no where... So I went over and loaded him up. Anyway, he threw some hot wings and beer down his trap and I think he felt pretty good about it. Pop and I had a good time entertaining him with our archery practice for a few hours and then I took him home to rest.

Mattycakes has been coming around and volunteering his help around the shop. Man, I can't tell you what that means. Shit, when your friends step up and help in way that you can't begin to imagine. It makes it all worth it! We have had so many folks helping out, organizing, cooking, etc. I don't have the words. I would list everybody and say thank you's but, I would leave someone out and feel like an asshole. So, thanks!

Oh, if your in Tucker and need yo bike worked on. Stop by Bikeways and see Buddy. One cool phuckin dude!! So go spend so money in his sto!!!!

Code Red out


Blogger Scott said...

Three coolest shops in the state.
Dahlonega wheelworks

not nec in that order!

bout time you updated that stuff


6:56 PM  

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