Tuesday, February 03, 2009

And So it goes

I'm sure by now everyone has stopped checking this site. Good then, it worked! Now I can say whatever the hell I want to without hearing any bullshit for it. Ha!

Protein shakes, beer, eratic training habits....That pretty much sums me up right now. Cutting weight for the season, trying to get fit and stay there. Shit, its enough to drive you crazy. Short trip for me I guess.

Got another kid coming out in May. Like I don't have enough on my plate. It will be fun. Its a boy this time. Hopefully, I can keep it together enough to keep riding my bike. I feel like all is against me staying on my bike. Oh, well.... I don't really care. Life is good and i got it made.

Hodge is not dead. Thats good. I thought for sure he would freeze to death at a rest stop aboard that broken down Mazda he was drivin somewhere in North Dakota. He didn't and that is very good. I hate to loose my friend like that. Actually, hes doing great. Having fun and getting to see alot of our great country. Bastard!!!! Well, I drank the last growler of Yazoo with Mattycakes so there....!

Pop is doing great as well. He got a new Harley on some sick deal they had going. He is really happy with it. We went on a 5 hour ride on Sunday and had a blast. He did say that he needed to change the seat and the bars and it would be perfect. Thats how you shake em down. Ride em and figure out what need changing.

Life at the shop is good. Not getting rich but, paying the bills. So far the new lord and savior of the USA hasn't done shit for business. Good thing I don't count on our govmnt for what I need. I just hope he doesn't get us all killed or worse, enslaved in a communist state of depression. As far as I'm concerned the lunatics are in the halls.........

Well, there is your dose of Code Red. Now go ride your bike, drink your liquor and don't call me bitching about anything. All you'll get from me is a swift kick in the junk.