Monday, February 15, 2010


Well, in my usual fair my blogs are always polarized with one or the other. I wasn't born in shades of Grey unfortunately. Black or white is where Code Red lives.....

Doing pretty good lately. Settling down a bit from a few year of overwhelming stress and disappointment. Getting used to the daily shop stuff on my own. Missing Hodge real bad but, he's doing good for his family and himself and that is real good. Hopefully, we can stay here for a long time. I'm tired of moving.

The title....Well, call it the romantic in me, or the scenic whichever you like.. Just been pondering on the world lately and how awful it is. Must be the 3 kids I got and watching them grow. Its the stuff of substance in life and I feel blessed to have them. Constantly reminded of the little things and how much people just don't get it..... Kids love so much. They are born with it. Little bits of a higher power they are. They have little spirits that love to laugh and want to make everything ok for everyone. They don't understand the hate in this world and don't want any part of the bad things in life. The tragic part is they learn hate and intolerace so fast. They learn how to be ugly from us. The people that are here already before them. From the television to their daily interactions at school. They learn hate, prejudice, betrayal, and letdown so fast. Truth is they have much more to teach us than we do them...... Any-who, not on a downer note. Just a dose of reality each day! Awesome! I wish we could all see the world through their eyes each day. Life would be so simple..

June 19th, Addictive Cycles first century out of Hoschton/Braselton... Be there. Its gonna be awesome!! 5 mile fam route, 35 route, 65 route, 100 route.

CR out!